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Hattie Jacques Sixties City
1680 x 1050 resolution recommended

1967 Sixties City
Carry On
Follow That Camel

Rank / Peter Rogers
Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location
at Camber Sands, Sussex

Shooting started spring 1967
Debut: Anita Harris, Julian Holloway
Carry On Follow That Camel - Sixties City Bertram Oliphant 'Bo' West (Jim Dale), an English gentleman wrongly accused of poor etiquette at cricket (oh surely not!), tries to join the Foreign Legion, with his faithful companion Simpson (Peter Butterworth) to atone for his 'crimes' but is suspected of being a spy by the monocled Legion Kommandant Burger (Kenneth Williams). Life at Fort Zuassantneuf is not all peeled grapes and belly dancing, although a remarkably large portion of it does seem inclined in that direction, notably by exotic dancer Corktip, played by Anita Harris.

Bertram's Love interest, English rose Lady Jane Ponsonby (Angela Douglas), discovers he is innocent and follows him but is captured by Sheikh Abdul Abulbul (Bernard Bresslaw), who plans to destroy the legion and marry her after his victory.
After winning back his honour by his 'bravery' during an attack on the fort by the mad Arabs, and rescuing the love of his life, the triumphant Bertram returns to England, and more cricket.

Like the previous film, this was also not immediately given a 'Carry On' title for some time, just being called 'Follow That Camel' hence the strange-sounding name which somehow doesn't sound quite right.

Some of the elaborate sets were reused in the production of 'Carry On Up The Khyber'.
This was Phil Silvers' first British film and his only 'Carry On'.

Carry On Follow That Camel - Sixties City                      Carry On Follow That Camel - Sixties City           Carry On Follow That Camel - Sixties City           Carry On Follow That Camel - Sixties City


Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Peter Butterworth, Anita Harris, Bernard Bresslaw, Angela Douglas, Peter Gilmore, John Bluthal, William Mervyn, Julian Holloway, Larry Taylor, William Hurndell, David Glover, Julian Orchard, Vincent Ball,
Peter Jesson, Gertan Klauber, Richard Montez, Frank Singuineau, Simon Cain, Michael Nightingale, Harold Kasket, Edmund Pegge, Carol Sloan, Gina Gianelli, Dominique Don, Anne Scott, Margot Maxine, Patsy Snell, Zorenah Osborne, Karen Young, Gina Warwick,
Angie Grant, Sally Douglas, Helga Jones

1967 Sixties City
Carry On Doctor
Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios
and on location at Maidenhead Town Hall, Berkshire
and Windsor Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Shooting started Autumn 1967

Debuts: Frankie Howerd, Dandy Nichols, Deryck Guyler, Peter Jones

Carry On Doctor - Sixties City
The Carry Ons are back in hospital where patients, particularly the bogus faith healer Francis Bigger (Frankie Howerd), revolt against the tyranny of matron Hattie Jacques and registrar Doctor Kenneth Tinkle (Kenneth Williams) when their favourite doctor, Dr Kilmore (Jim Dale), is sacked for dubious reasons after he is caught in an innocent but compromising position with new arrival, novice nurse Sandra May (Barbara Windsor).

Despite a revolt by the inmates Kilmore is not reinstated until Matron is threatened with the dastardly icy bed-bath and Tinkle (who actually enjoys bed baths) faces the option of somewhat drastic surgery.

There are some interesting side-plots with (Bernard Bresslaw) Ken Biddle's attempts to disguise himself as a nurse in order to visit his wife in the women's ward and Frankie Howerd's portrayal of a faith healer who has hurt his back and is confused into thinking he is dying.
What with watches being left inside patients during operations, the practices of the appropriately-named Dr. Kilmore and the famous 'daffodil in the somewhat inconvenient place' gag, this could be reissued as a National Health training film. It brings a whole new meaning to the expression 'rude health'.

This was the first officially-titled 'Carry On' film by the Rank/Rogers team and Penny Keith makes an early career appearance, given the magnificent billing of 'Plain Nurse'.

Carry On Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Doctor - Sixties City


Frankie Howerd, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Anita Harris, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, June Jago, Derek Francis, Dandy Nichols, Peter Jones, Deryck Guyler, Gwendolyn Watts,
Dilys Laye, Peter Gilmore, Harry Locke, Marianne Stone, Jean St. Clair, Valerie Van Ost, Julian Orchard, Brian Wilde, Lucy Griffiths, Pat Coombs, Gertan Klauber, Julian Holloway, Jenny White, Helen Ford, Gordon Rollings, Simon Cain, Penelope Keith, Cheryl Molineaux,
Alexandra Dane, Bart Allison, Jane Murdoch, Stephen Garlick

1968 Sixties City
Carry On
Up The Khyber

Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios
and on location in Snowdonia, Wales

Shooting started Spring 1968
Roy Castle and Cardew Robinson appeared in their only 'Carry On' film.

Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City
The Imperial Raj of the late nineteenth century sees British diplomat Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond (Sid James) passionately defending his cushy job in one of the last decadent outposts of the British Empire. Making life difficult for him are his domineering wife and local tribesmen, the Burpas. They are the screaming mad followers of the even madder Khasi of Kalabar (Kenneth Williams), who actually fancies a bit of ruff - Lady Ruff-Diamond (Joan Sims). The Khasi comes upon a photograph 'proving' that the 'Devils in Skirts', the men of the 3rd Foot and Mouth regiment, actually wear clothing under their kilts and is intent on showing this to an Afghan invasion force led by Bungdit Din (Bernard Bresslaw) who have previously been fearful of attacking the British stronghold.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get the incriminating evidence, British Captain Keene (Roy Castle) is captured, along with Lady Ruff-Diamond, and both are due to be executed but are helped to escape by Princess Jelhi (Angela Douglas), the Khasi's daughter, who has fallen for Keene. Sir Sidney fights to retain control of his bit of the action by using every weapon at his disposal, including those up the kilts of the disgraced regiment, who are, of course, the stereotypically chronic 'carry on' under-achievers led by Terry Scott as Sergeant Major MacNutt.

Whilst filming the banquet scene at the end of the movie, all the actors were trying their best not to actually eat any of the food as all the building debris was falling into it. The minutes passed, and they had to put something in their mouths as they had shoved the food around their plates for long enough. The stony silence was eventually broken by Sid James shouting "...Bastards!" when he realised that Gerald Thomas had stopped rolling the cameras ages ago, and had just left them all to get on with it.

Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Khyber - Sixties City


Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Roy Castle, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Terry Scott, Angela Douglas, Cardew Robinson, Julian Holloway, Peter Gilmore, Leon Thau, Wanda Ventham, Alexandra Dane, Michael Mellinger, Dominique Don,
Derek Sydney, Steven Scott, David Spenser, Liz Gold, Vicki Woolf, Anne Scott, Katherina Holden, Lisa Noble, Tamsin MacDonald, Eve Eden, Barbara Evans, Johnny Briggs, Simon Cain, Larry Taylor, Patrick Westwood, John Hallam, Angie Grant, Josephine Blain,
Vicki Murden, Carmen Dene, Valerie Leon, June Cooper, Karen Young, Sue Vaughan

1968 Sixties City
Carry On Camping
Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location at Gerrard Cross, Bucks;
Camping equipment at Court in Maidenhead; Houses in Pinewood Green,
near the studio, and 'on location' in adjacent muddy fields

Shooting started Autumn 1968

Carry On Camping - Sixties City
Sid Boggle (Sid James) and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) have planned to take their (to them) straight-laced girlfriends Joan Fussey (Joan Sims) and Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye) on a camping holiday, to what they had thought was a nudist camp, in a desperate attempt to spice up their love lives, but find that it is just a normal (???!) campsite.

The canvas-dwelling denizens, under the money-grabbing auspices of farm owner Joshua Fiddler (Peter Butterworth), are the not totally unexpected mix of nagging wives and social outcasts and things look pretty bleak for the pair until Miss Haggard (Hattie Jacques) and Dr. Soaper (Kenneth Williams) arrive with a coachload of young ladies on a field trip from Chayste Place finishing school.

Some of the best laughs come from Terry Scott and Betty Marsden as Peter and Harriet Potter who 'adopt' hitch-hiker Charlie Muggins (Charles Hawtrey), offering him a place in their tent and then finding that he is not as easy to get rid of as they thought.

'Camping' contains the most famous scene in the series, involving Barbara Windsor and a less than structurally sound support garment, an effect achieved with a fishing rod and line attached to it.
Somewhat sadly, this brought the 'age of innocence' of Carry On to an end as this was the first in the series to actually show 'naughty bits', setting a precedent for every 'Carry On' made since.

Carry On Camping - Sixties City           Carry On Camping - Sixties City           Carry On Camping - Sixties City           Carry On Camping - Sixties City           Carry On Camping - Sixties City


Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Terry Scott, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Bernard Bresslaw, Julian Holloway, Dilys Laye, Peter Butterworth, Betty Marsden, Trisha Noble, Amelia Bayntun, Brian Oulton, Patricia Franklin, Derek Francis,
Michael Nightingale, Elizabeth Knight, George Moon, Sandra Caron, Valerie Shute, Georgina Moon, Vivien Lloyd, Jennifer Pyle, Lesley Duff, Jackie Poole, Anna Karen, Sally Kemp, Valerie Leon, Peter Cockburn, Michael Low, Mike Lucas, Gilly Grant

1969 Sixties City
Carry On Again Doctor
Rank / Peter Rogers
Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios and on location at
Maidenhead Town Hall and Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire

Shooting started Spring 1969   
Debut: Patsy Rowlands and guest appearance by Wilfrid Brambell
This was Jim Dale's last 'Carry On' film
Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City The unfortunately-named Long Hampton hospital sees more medical mirth and malpractice with an even wider selection of unlikely-looking nurses and idiotic inmates to attract your attention, including Yutte Stensgaard of Hammer Horror fame. Doctor James Nookey (Jim Dale) has been in enforced exile at a medical mission on a remote tropical island after being removed from the hospital for a misdemeanour.

While he is there, the orderly Gladstone Screwer (Sid James) shows him a local 'wonder drug' and Nookey returns to England to open a slimming clinic. Hospital surgeon Frederick Carver (Kenneth Williams), with Dr Ernest Stoppidge (Charles Hawtrey) and his surreal staff go in headlong pursuit of a fast buck, and put into action a plan to learn the secret by booking Stoppage into the clinic to undergo treatment disguised as a woman, along with some other ladies who, generally speaking, hardly seem in need of the stuff anyway.

The situation is further confused by Screwer, who turns up on the doorstep and starts demanding his share of the profits.

Long Hampton hospital was actually Maidenhead Town Hall. Although Sid James received top billing, his part is relatively small and he does not appear until the 39th minute of the film.

Eric Rogers made his second Carry On cameo appearance as a band leader with the line: “The next dance is a general excuse me”.

Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City           Carry On Again Doctor - Sixties City


 Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Patsy Rowlands, Peter Butterworth, Pat Coombs, Wilfrid Brambell, Elizabeth Knight, Alexandra Dane, Peter Gilmore, Pat Coombs, Patricia Hayes, William Mervyn,
Lucy Griffiths, Harry Locke, Valerie Leon, Gwendolyn Watts, Frank Singuineau, Valerie Van Ost, Billy Cornelius, Simon Cain, Elspeth March, Valerie Shute, Ann Lancaster, Shakira Baksh, Georgina Simpson, Faith Kent, Frank Forsyth, Donald Bissett, Ambrosine Phillpotts,
Bob Todd, Heather Emmanuel, Yutte Stensgaard, George Roderick, Jenny Counsell, Rupert Evans

1969 Sixties City
Carry On
Up The Jungle

Rank / Peter Rogers

Director: Gerald Thomas
Producer: Peter Rogers
Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers

Made at Pinewood Studios

Shooting started Autumn 1969
Debut: Jacki Piper

Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City
The loveable louts embark on an ornithological African jungle expedition, led by the intrepid Professor Inigo Tinkle (Frankie Howerd), ostensibly in search of the rare Oozelum bird (you know the one!) but Lady Evelyn Bagley (Joan Sims), who is financing the trip, is also looking for her long lost husband and baby son. The expedition is protected by Bill Boosey (Sid James) and his somewhat dim African guide Upsidaisi (Bernard Bresslaw).

A wild jungle man 'Ug' (Terry Scott) wanders into camp one night and is identified as Lady Bagley's lost son by the nappy pin he is wearing. Safari, so good, things appear to be chugging along just fine in their usual chaotic way until it all goes, literally, to pot when they stumble across the Nosha - a distinctly wacky, but nonetheless peckish, cannibal tribe. Useful advice is found in the words of their hunter/guide Bill Boosey "...just hope they don't like stuffing…".

They are rescued by a tribe of unknown Amazons desperate to find male mates and thus avoid the extinction of their race, the king of whom turns out to be Lady Bagley's long lost husband. The equatorial climate also seems to have an interesting effect on their prim and proper secretary, June (Jacki Piper), much to Jungle Boy Ug's delight.
Originally to be titled 'Carry On Jungle Boy' the name was changed during post production. Jim Dale turned down the 'Jungle Boy' part which subsequently went to Terry Scott.
Making an appearance is Nina Baden-Semper ( later to find fame in comedy series 'Love Thy Neighbour' ) as a member of the cannibal tribe.

Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City           Carry On Up The Jungle - Sixties City


Frankie Howerd, Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Terry Scott, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, Jacki Piper, Valerie Leon, Reuben Martin, Edwina Carroll, Valerie Moore, Cathi March, Danny Daniels, Yemi Ajibadi, Verna Lucille, MacKenzie, Heather Emmanuel,
Lincoln Webb, Roy Stewart John Hamilton, Chris Konyils, Willie Jonah, Nina Baden-Semper

Carry On Films - Sixties City

Carry On TV - Sixties City
Carry On Christmas
Thames Television

Writer: Talbot Rothwell, Director: Ronnie Baxter
Producer: Peter Eton

Other Shows (episodes in brackets)

Talbot Rothwell - Writer (3,4) Sid Colin - Writer (2)
Dave Freeman - Writer (2,3) Ronnie Baxter - Director (3)
Alan Tarrant - Director (2) Ronald Fouracre - Director (4)
Peter Eton - Executive Producer (2)
Gerald Thomas - Producer (3,4)
Peter Rogers - Executive Producer (3,4)
Alan Tarrant - Producer (2)

Carry On Christmas - Sixties City     Carry On Christmas - Sixties City
The 'Carry-On Team' made four festive one-hour television 'Christmas Specials' for Thames Television. The first of them was loosely based on Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' and was filmed shortly after the completion of Carry on Up the Jungle, featuring the same main cast that appeared in the film. It was scripted by long-term Carry On author Talbot Rothwell who produced an irreverent take on the Charles Dickens classic, featuring Sid James as Ebenezer Scrooge. It was transmitted at 9:15pm on 24th December 1969 under the title of 'Carry On Christmas' (the actual production being titled 'The Ghosts Of Christmas').

The 'Ghost of Christmas Past' reveals the fact that Scrooge failed to invest in the schemes of Dr. Frank N. Stein, who (assisted by his servant, Count Dracula) sought to create a mate for Barbara Windsor's monster.

The 'Ghost of Christmas Present' sequence depicted a fundless Robert Browning's difficulties in attempting to elope with Elizabeth Barrett thanks to Scrooge's unwillingness to lend them the cash.

The 'Ghost of Christmas Future' sequence featured a 'Carry On' version of the Cinderella story.

The 1970 offering was titled 'Carry On Again Christmas: Carry On Long John' and was a pantomime-style spoof of 'Treasure Island' with Barbara Windsor playing the 'principal boy' part of cabin boy Jim Hawkins. 1971 was given a miss but they returned again in 1972 with a sketch-like collection of Christmas stories titled 'Carry On Christmas: Carry On Stuffing' and the last production in 1973 was a Carry On-style history re-write which returned to the original show title of 'Carry On Christmas'.

(episodes in brackets)

Barbara Windsor (1,2,3,4), Sid James (1,2,4), Bernard Bresslaw (1,2,4), Peter Butterworth (1,3,4), Kenneth Connor (2,3,4), Terry Scott (1,2), Charles Hawtrey (1,2)
Hattie Jacques (1,3), Frankie Howerd (1), Bob Todd (2), Joan Sims (3,4), Jack Douglas (3,4),
Brian Oulton (3), Wendy Richard (2), Norman Rossington (3), Julian Holloway (4)

Carry On TV - Sixties City
Our House
ABC Television 1960 - 1962

Produced by Ernest Maxin
Written by: Norman Hudis

39 episodes
Series One (13 x 55 mins)
11th September - 4th December 1960
Sundays at 3.25pm

Series Two (26 x 45 mins)
16th September 1961 - 21st April 1962
Fortnightly then weekly on Saturdays at 7.40pm
Our House - Sixties City     Our House - Sixties City

Our House was a black and white sitcom, created and written by Norman Hudis and produced for ABC by Foster TV Productions. If you liked the gentler humour of the early Carry On movies then this series was for you. It was a comedy series about a 'mutually-owned' house and the not totally unexpectedly bizarre antics and interactions of its various residents, two couples and five individuals, as they were the artists who formed the backbone of the 'Carry On' film team.

The premise was that they had all met at an estate agents and, by pooling their resources, they could manage to purchase a house that none of them could afford individually. The characters and personalities thrown into this melting pot were a librarian who was quiet at work and noisy at home, a prissy but amiable chap who worked in the council rates offices, a woman who frequented the labour exchange and couldn't hold down a regular job.

There was also a law student whose life was dominated by his father, a shy and somewhat paranoid bachelor bank clerk, a couple of newly-weds and a retired sea captain with a violin-playing wife.
The show was created after 'Carry On Regardless', bringing back together Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques and Joan Sims.

The second series featured cast changes that added Hylda Baker and Bernard Bresslaw (who was to become a 'Carry On' film regular from 1965 onwards) and others but losing many stars from the first series. It ran for three 'seasons', a total of 39 episodes, but only the first season and seven episodes of the second season were shown nationally. The last episode shown by London ITV was on 9th December 1961. The other weekly episodes were only shown by a few ITV regions and have not been transmitted since. The only known surviving episodes are "Simply Simon", "A Thin Time" and "Love To Georgina", the other tapes probably having been wiped for re-use in the early Sixties.


Norman Rossington (Gordon Brent), Joan Sims (Daisy Burke), Ina de la Hayes (Mrs. Iliffe), Frank Pettingell (Captain Iliffe), Bernard Bresslaw (William Singer), Frederick Peisley (Herbert Keane), Leigh Madison (Marcia Hatton), Trader Faulkner (Stephen Hatton),
Hattie Jacques (Georgina Ruddy), Hylda Baker (Henrietta)
and Charles Hawtrey as Simon Willow. Single episode appearances were made by McDonald Hobley, Jill Day, Deryck Guyler and a young Roy Hudd.

1960 Sixties City
Watch Your Stern
(88 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Written by Alan Hackney and Vivian A. Cox
Produced by Peter Rogers

Original music by Bruce Montgomery

Cinematography by Ted Scaife

Film Editing by John Shirley         Art Direction by Carmen Dillon
Watch Your Stern - Sixties City     Watch Your Stern - Sixties City The hapless and accident-prone Ordinary Seaman Blissworth (played by Kenneth Connor) gets involved in a top secret test on an new acoustic torpedo that, when fired, misses the intended target and blows up the ship that launched it!

An Admiralty scientist is sent to modify the design, but in order to do this they need the blueprints, one of which has been lost and the other destroyed.
Blissworth is forced into impersonating a female scientist in order to bluff the Admiralty with some phoney plans.

CAST LIST (includes)

Eric Barker, Richard Bennett, Michael Brennan, Kenneth Connor,
Eric Corrie, Ed Devereaux, Peter Howell, Hattie Jacques, Sid James,
David Lodge, Rory MacDermot, Victor Maddern, Spike Milligan, Leslie Phillips,
Noel Purcell, Joan Sims, Eric Sykes

1960 Sixties City
No Kidding
(86 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Script by Norman Hudis and Robin Estridge
(from a novel by Verily Anderson)
Produced by Peter Rogers

Original music by Bruce Montgomery

Cinematography by Alan Hume

Film Editing by John Shirley
         Art Direction by Carmen Dillon
No Kidding - Sixties City     No Kidding - Sixties City

A married couple (Leslie Phillips and Geraldine McEwan) inherit a run-down old house and decide to turn it into a holiday home for rich kids, not anticipating the troubles which descend on them in the form of inebriated kitchen staff, troublesome teenagers and an interfering local alderman who has her own plans for the building once she can get them evicted.

An advert in The Times soon brings the unwanted offspring of oil sheikhs, diplomats, millionaires and even royalty to Chartham Place.

CAST LIST (includes)

Leslie Phillips, Geraldine McEwan, Julia Lockwood, Irene Handl,
Noel Purcell, Joan Hickson, June Jago, Cyril Raymond,
Esma Cannon, Alan Gifford, Sydney Tafler, Brian Oulton,
Eric Pohlmann, Patricia Jessel, Brian Rawlinson

1961 Sixties City
Raising The Wind
(90 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Original Story & Screenplay by Bruce Montgomery
Produced by Peter Rogers

Original Music by Bruce Montgomery

Cinematography by Alan Hume

Film Editing by John Shirley         Art Direction by Carmen Dillon

Raising The Wind - Sixties City     Raising The Wind - Sixties City

A group of students studying at an elite music college decide to rent a flat together to cut their living costs and have somewhere to practice their music. They get into quite a few 'Carry On' style scrapes but the big problem comes when Mervyn (Leslie Phillips) 'accidentally' sells a catchy tune to an agency and stands to lose his scholarship unless he and his mates can manage to raise the money to buy it back.

Also called 'Roommates', this was pretty much a 'Carry On' / 'Doctor In The House' hybrid

CAST LIST (includes)

Liz Fraser, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Eric Barker, Esma Cannon, Joan Hickson,
Jill Ireland, Jim Dale, Ambrosine Philpotts, Dorinda Stevens, Jennifer Jayne,
James Robertson Justice, Geoffrey Keen, David Lodge, Victor Maddern, Paul Massie,
Lance Percival, Leslie Phillips, Jimmy Thompson, Esma Cannon, Douglas Ives,
John Antrobus, Nigel Arkwright, Erik Chitty

1962 Sixties City
What A Carve Up!
released in the USA in 1962 as
No Place Like Homicide

(87 minutes)

Directed by Pat Jackson
Written by Ray Cooney and Tony Hilton
(loosely based on 'The Ghoul' by Frank King)
Produced by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman

Music by Muir Mathieson
Cinematography by Monty Berman
Film Editing by Gordon Pilkington
Art Direction by Ivan King

What A Carve Up!     What A Carve Up! A horror film parody starring some of the main members of the Carry On gang. Old Uncle Gabriel has died and his relatives are summoned to an old country house in the middle of nowhere to attend the reading of his will.

They all have to stay in Gabriel's mansion overnight where, one by one, they are murdered. The surviving family members must find the killer before they are all murdered. As one would expect, the storyline includes a non-stop stream of 'haunted house' gags and innuendo.

CAST LIST (includes)

Sid James, Kenneth Connor, Shirley Eaton, Dennis Price, Donald Pleasence, Esma Cannon,
Valerie Taylor, Michael Gwynn, George Woodbridge, Michael Gough, Philip O'Flynn,
Frederick Piper, Timothy Bateson and Adam Faith in an uncredited role as himself

1962 Sixties City
Twice Round
The Daffodils

(89 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Written by Norman Hudis
(from a play by Jack Beale and Patrick Cargill)
Produced by Peter Rogers

Original Music by Bruce Montgomery
Cinematography by Alan Hume
Film Editing by John Shirley
Art Direction by Carmen Dillon

Twice Round The Daffodils - Sixties City     Twice Round The Daffodils - Sixties City Not exactly a hilarious comedy, but not exactly entirely serious either.
There are four stereotypical new arrivals at Lenton Tuberculosis Sanitorium.

Inevitably, the irrepressible Kenneth Williams undermines any real attempt at seriousness or, indeed, apparently any real hospital treatment as not a single doctor is seen in the entire film.

The action highlights of the film involve the smuggling in of food and their vigorous but inept attempts to romance the nurses. Curiously, three of them actually succeed......

CAST LIST (includes)

Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Sheila Hancock, Donald Houston, Renee Houston,
Jill Ireland, Ronald Lewis, Juliette Mills, Nanette Newman, Lance Percival, Mary Powell,
Andrew Ray, Amanda Reiss, Donald Sinden, Barbara Roscoe, Olwen Brookes,
Frank Forsyth, Nora Gordon, Peter Jesson

1963 Sixties City
Nurse On Wheels
(85 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Written by Norman Hudis
(from a novel by Joanna Jones)
Produced by Peter Rogers

Original Music by Eric Rogers
Cinematography by Alan Hume
Film Editing by Archie Ludski
Art Direction by Lionel Couch
Nurse On Wheels - Sixties City     Nurse On Wheels - Sixties City

A new rural district nurse (Juliet Mills), along with her odd mother (Esma Cannon), arrives to replace her predecessor in the quaint village of Blandley but, due to her comparatively tender years and eligibility, is an object of suspicion for the gossip-mongers among the somewhat reserved country folk.

She manages to overcome this and eventually becomes romantically involved with a local farmer - until he tries to evict a newly-arrived couple, expecting a baby, who have parked their caravan on his land.

CAST LIST (includes)

Juliet Mills, Ronald Lewis, Joan Sims, Noel Purcell, Esma Cannon,
Raymond Huntley, Athene Seyler, Norman Rossington, Ronald Howard
Joan Hickson, Renée Houston, Jim Dale, George Woodbridge, David Horne
Deryck Guyler, Barbara Everest, Brian Rawlinson

1964 Sixties City
Crooks In Cloisters
(97 minutes)

Directed by Jeremy Summers
Written by T.J. Morrison and Mike Watts
Produced by Gordon Scott

Original Music by Don Banks

Cinematography by Harry Waxman

Film Editing by Ann Chegwidden

Art Direction by Robert Jones
Crooks In Cloisters - Sixties City     Crooks In Cloisters - Sixties City

After pulling off a train robbery, 'Little Walter' and his gang are forced to hide out, disguised as monks, in an abandoned monastery on a remote Cornish island.

After surviving unwelcome visits by tourists and some genuine monks, they decide that they quite like the life. Things are going quite well until one of them starts betting on the dogs, raising suspicions with the local onstabulary.

When Walter eventually decides it is time to leave, they don't want to go, but end up doing the decent thing, giving the island deeds to some real monks and delivering themselves into the hands of the law.

CAST LIST (includes)

Ronald Fraser, Barbara Windsor, Grégoire Aslan, Bernard Cribbins, Davy Kaye, Wilfrid Brambell, Melvyn Hayes, Joseph O'Conor, Corin Redgrave, Francesca Annis, Norman Chappell, Arnold Ridley, Patricia Laffan, Alister Williamson, Russell Waters, Howard Douglas, Max Bacon

1965 Sixties City
The Big Job
(88 minutes)

Directed by Gerald Thomas
Written by John Antrobus and Talbot Rothwell
Produced by Frank Bevis and Peter Rogers

Original Music by Eric Rogers

Cinematography by Alan Hume

Film Editing by Rod Nelson-Keys         Art Direction by Bert Davey

The Big Job - Sixties City     The Big Job - Sixties City A group of criminals led by George 'The Great' Brain (Sid James) carry out a bank robbery and get away with £15,000. However, not everything goes quite according to plan and the police intercept them as they make their getaway, forcing George to stash the money in a hollow tree.

Failing to escape from their subsequent prison sentence, they are released 15 years later and immediately set off to search for the tree – however, a new town has since been built on the open fields. The good news is that the tree is still there - the bad news? It is now standing in the yard of the local police station! The gang rent rooms in digs across the street to figure out exactly how they are going to extract their loot.......

CAST LIST (includes)

Sid James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Joan Sims, Lance Percival, Jim Dale, Deryck Guyler,
Edina Ronay, Reginald Beckwith, Michael Ward, Brian Rawlinson, David Horne, Frank Forsyth,
Frank Thornton, Wanda Ventham
The ‘Bank’ was a location at Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. The gang was freed at H.M. Prison Wormwood Scrubs, West London, and the ‘House to let’ in Oldfield Town was a location in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The full list of original 'Carry On' productions is:

Carry On Sergeant (1958) Carry On Nurse (1959) Carry On Teacher (1959) Carry On Constable (1960) Carry On Regardless (1961)
Carry On Cruising (1962) Carry On Cabby (1963) Carry On Jack (1963) Carry On Spying (1964) Carry On Cleo (1964)
Carry On Cowboy (1965) Carry On Screaming! (1966) Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1966) Carry On Follow That Camel (1967) Carry On Doctor (1967)
Carry On Up The Khyber (1968) Carry On Camping (1969) Carry On Again Doctor (1969) Carry On Up The Jungle (1969/70) Carry On Loving (1970)
Carry On Henry (1971) Carry On At Your Convenience (1971) Carry On Matron (1972) Carry On Abroad (1972) Carry On Girls (1973)
Carry On Dick (1974) Carry On Behind (1975) Carry On England (1976) That's Carry On (1978) (Compilation) Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)
Carry On Columbus (1992) TV: Carry On Christmas (1969) TV: Carry On Again Christmas (1970) TV: Carry On Christmas (Carry On Stuffing) (1972) TV: Carry On Christmas (1973)
TV: Carry On Laughing 3 (1975) Stage: Carry On London (1973-75) Stage: Carry On Laughing (1976) Stage: Wot a Carry On in Blackpool (1992)  

The Unmade Films:

A number of other films were planned, scripted, partly scripted or entered pre-production but never made it to the big screen. These included 'What a Carry On' (1961), 'Carry On Smoking' (1961) based on attempts to train a bungling group of new recruits at a fire station.
'Carry On Flying' (1962), about a group of RAF recruits, was scripted by Norman Hudis but abandoned during pre-production. 'Carry On Spaceman', also scripted by Hudis, (1962) would have followed 'Regardless' and featured an outer space mission, but was abandoned.
'Carry On Again Nurse' (1967) was one of a number of attempts to make a follow-up to 'Carry On Nurse', none of which reached fruition. A complete script had been written by George Layton and Jonathan Lynn in 1977 but was cancelled due to financial losses made by 'Carry On Emmannuelle'. A WWII spoof nominally titled 'Carry On Escaping' (1973) was scripted by Talbot Rothwell (the complete script was included in the book 'The Complete A-Z of Everything Carry On'). 'Carry on Dallas' (1980), a take-off of the television series, was abandoned due to excessive royalty demands by Lorimar and 'Carry On Down Under' (1981) was abandoned due to lack of finance. The script for this film was written by Vince Powell and appears in the book 'Fifty Years Of Carry On'.
A film to be called 'Carry On London' (aka 'Carry On Bananas') was announced in 2003 by producer Peter Rogers and producer James Black, but remained in pre-production through 2008 and was eventually shelved after the death of Peter Rogers in 2009.

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