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'Connections' is a companion for the Sixties City pages that examine the birthplace of the 'Swinging Sixties' in London. Links to related Sixties City pages are highlighted in relevant articles

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Sixties Video Links
Other Sites of Interest

Look At Life - In Gear
Look At Life - In Gear - The Swinging Sixties

History of Carnaby Street
The History of Carnaby Street
Pathe Carnaby Street
Pathe - Carnaby Street
The Electric Colour Company

Daily Mail - The Lion Who Lived In Our Flat - Christian the Lion

A Walk Down the Kings Road - Simons Walks

British History Online - Social Housing and Construction

British History Online - Kingly Street and Carnaby Street

British Pathe - Old Chelsea Town Hall - Chelsea Antiques Fair 1968

V&A Interview with Robert Orbach

History of the Marquee Club

Another Nickel In The Machine - The 2i's

Cocktails with Elvira - London Sixties, Night Clubs

Boutique London -  Richard Lester

Boutique London
Richard Lester
Carnaby Street - Tom Salter

Carnaby Street
Tom Salter
The King of Carnaby Street - John Stephen - Jeremy Reed

The King of Carnaby Street
Jeremy Reed

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Kings Road Boutiques
Various Kings Road Boutiques 1966


Carnaby Street 1968
Walking down Carnaby Street 1968


Night in Soho 1968
Night in Soho 1968


Swinging London
Swinging London Documentary


Tiles Club 1966
The Tiles Club 1966, "Pop and Show Below"


Scene Club, Soho
Scene Club entrance now


Duke Vin, Count Suckle, Ska
Duke Vin, Count Suckle & the Birth of Ska


Soho Nights 1958-1962
Pathe - Psychedelic Dream 1967


Kings Road 1967
Kings Road 1967


KShopping on Kings Road early 1970s
Shopping on the King's Road, Early 1970s


Carnaby Street undressed
Carnaby Street Undressed (trailer)


Late 1960s Kings Road
Late 1960s Kings Road

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