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A curiously eclectic collection of Sixties printed adverts and boxed items

Wall's 'Kinky' Ice Lolly

Sixties City - Sixties Adverts

Ladybird Children's Wear

Mary Quant 'Alligator' Terylene

Decca 'Debonaire' Transistor Radio
Ladybird Children's Wear

Dinky Toys 'Routemaster' and 'Ford Corsair' models
BMC Austin Super Seven

Hillman Super Imp
Levi's Cord Trousers

Bird's Eye Dairy Cream Sponge
Foale & Tuffin and District Bank

Kellogg's 'Variety' Breakfast Cereal
'Batman' Play Outfit

Wall's 'Sky Ray' Ice Lolly
Ty-Phoo Tea Football Cards

Macleans and Vosene 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Kit
Palitoy 'Action Man'

Chivers Marmalade
Thunderbirds Toys - J.Rosenthal

Guinness 'At Home'
Chandy 'Champions' Drink

Weetabix 'Jungle Safari' Christmas Game
Ford Capri 3000 GT - 1969

The 'London' Look by Yardley (U.S. Advert)
Benwell Fireworks - 1963

Male & Femail
Space Age Toys by Marx (Fireball XL5and others)
Sutherland's Spreads - Joe 90 Dossier
Ovulen Contraceptive (Trade Advert)
G.E.C. 'Poppins' Transistor Radio
Twiggy - Rigs Fashion
Stylo 'Matchmaker' Football Boots - 1969

Spacial Dimension Cine Sensation - Daily Mirror 1964
Kodak 8 Movie Camera - Daily Mirror May - 1964

British United Airways - 1968
Nescafe Instant Coffee - 1961

Gordon's Gin - Christmas - 1962
Campbell's Soup - 'The Manhandlers' - 1969

Kia-Ora Orange and Lemon Squash
Wall's Ice Cream 'Booster', 'Z Bar' and '3D'

Dry Fly Sherry - 1961
Ford Cortina - 1963

Kraft Whipped Miracle Margarine - 1967
BSA Sunbeam Scooter

B.O.A.C. Airways
Fenton-Weill Porta Bass 15 Amplifier - 1964

Peek Frean's Assorted Biscuits
English Leather fragrance

McVitie's Royal Scot Biscuits

Titleist Acushnet Golf Balls - 1960
1001 Carpetmaster Cleaner - 1960
Mackintosh's Quality Street
W.H.Smith Record Departments - 1968

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