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Featuring many of the cast of the feature film 'Doppelganger' (aka 'Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun'), the basic premise of this part model, part live action series is defence of the Earth against aliens. In the (then future) year 1980 a secret organisation is formed to defend the planet against aliens from a dying race who are raiding Earth and abducting people in order to use their body parts to elongate their own lifespans. Called S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), the organisation operates Moonbase, a highly secret installation on the moon, as a first-line strike defence against incoming alien craft and has its Earth-based headquarters located beneath the Harlington-Straker film studios, just outside London, which act as its cover.
The third line of defence is provided by the SkyDiver submarine which has the capability of launching air strike vehicles. Incoming alien UFOs are detected at long range by SID (Space Intruder Detector), a satellite in Earth orbit, and attempts are made to destroy them using short-range interceptor craft based on the moon.
Those which manage to reach Earth's atmosphere are largely dealt with by the Sky craft launched from SkyDiver, but there are still some who manage to land on the planet and these are hunted down with a range of

sophisticated ground mobile vehicles and futuristic technology, directed from the base under the film studios. The nominal head of the film studio is Ed Straker (Ed Bishop), who is also the commander of the SHADO organisation, assisted by Colonel Paul Foster (Michael Billington), Colonel Alec Freeman (George Sewell) and Colonel Virginia Lake (Wanda Ventham).

The command of SkyDiver is split between Captain Peter Carlin (Peter Gordeno) and Captain Lew Waterman (Gary Myers) and Moonbase is generally commanded by Lieutenant Gay Ellis (Gabrielle Drake) and Lieutenant Nina Barry (Dolores Mantez).

It is notable in this series how Gerry Anderson features many women in command or high profile positions, mirroring the growing importance and acceptance of females in top management. Storylines are quite variable, but the usual central themes running through the series are the main premise to prevent aliens carrying out their unwelcome activities on Earth, various attempts to kill Straker and destroy the organisation or, quite realistically, the difficulties in maintaining the secrecy of the organisation and the difficulty in maintaining sufficient funding.


Series Production      Century 21 Television/ITC - 1969-70         26 x 50 minute episodes     Episode production details and storylines

Production Staff:

Regular Cast:  
Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson

Producer: Gerry Anderson, Reg Hill

Production Supervisor: Norman Foster

Directors: David Lane (8), Ken Turner (6), Alan Perry (5),
David Tomblin (2), Jeremy Summers (2) & Cyril Frankel

Century 21 Fashions: Sylvia Anderson

Director of Photography: Brendan J. Stafford

Art Director: Bob Bell

Script Editor: Tony Barwick

Special Effects Supervisor: Derek Meddings

Senior Special Effects Assistant Supervisor: Jimmy Elliott

Special Effects Directors: Bill Camp, Shaun Whittacker-Cook & Derek Meddings

Series Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray

Writing: Gerry Anderson (26), Sylvia Anderson (26), Reg Hill (26), Tony Barwick (12),
David Tomblin (3), Ruric Powell (2), Alan Fennell (2), Terence Feely (2)
Ed Bishop - Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell - Colonel Alec Freeman
Wanda Ventham - Colonel Virginia Lake
Michael Billington - Colonel Paul Foster
Gabrielle Drake - Lt. Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez - Lt. Nina Barry
Gary Myers - Captain Lew Waterman
Peter Gordeno - Captain Peter Carlin
Norma Ronald - Miss Ealand
Harry Baird - Lt. Mark Bradley
Keith Alexander - Lt. Keith Ford
Jon Kelley - Lt. John Masters
Mel Oxley - Voice of S.I.D.
Jeremy Wilkin - Lt. Gordon Maxwell
Grant Taylor - General James Henderson
Ayshea Brough - Lt. Ayshea Johnson
Vladek Sheybal - Dr. Doug Jackson
Georgina Moon - Lt. Sylvia Howell
Antonia Ellis - Lt. Joan Harrington
Anouska Hempel - SHADO Radio Operator
Maxwell Shaw - Dr. Shroeder
Andrea Allan - Moonbase Operative Carol Miller
Philip Madoc - Steven Rutland
Shane Rimmer - Lt. Bill Johnson
Penny Spencer - SHADO Operative
Lois Maxwell - Miss Holland
Shakira Caine - SHADO Operative
Steven Berkoff - Captain Steve Minto
Basil Moss - Dr. Frazer
Gito Santana - Alien
Alan Tucker ... Lunar Module Pilot
Suzanne Neve - Mary Rutland
Mark Hawkins - Lt. Gary North
Peter Burton - Dr. Murray
Al Mancini - Lt. Andy Conroy
Burnell Tucker - Albatross Pilot Turner
Craig Hunter - G.S.P. 4 Pilot Hudson
Peter Blythe - First Officer Cooper
Gordon Sterne - German Delegate
Michael Mundell - Lt. Ken Matthews
Anthony Chinn - Alien and Lt.Tony Chin
Louise Pajo - Miss Scott
David Warbeck - Skydiver Captain
David Weston - Phil Mitchell
Barnaby Shaw - John Rutland
Barry Stokes - Skydiver Engineer
Nigel Gregory - Ben Culley
Basil Dignam - Cabinet Minister
Stanley McGeagh - SHADO Guard
John Lyons - SHADO Guard
Tom Oliver - 1st Technician
Peter Halliday - Dr. Segal
Dennis Plenty - Lt. David Worth
Jack Silk - Motorcyclist

Images and Downloads Episodes                         

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1. Identified

2. Computer Affair

3. Flight Path

4. Survival


6. Conflict

7. The Dalotek Affair

8. A Question Of Priorities

9. Ordeal

10. The Responsibility Seat

11. The Square Triangle

12. Court Martial

13. Close Up

14. Confetti Check A-O.K.

15. E.S.P.

16. Kill Straker!

17. Sub-Smash

18. The Sound Of Silence

19. The Cat With Ten Lives

20. Destruction

21. The Man Who Came Back

22. The Psychobombs

23. Reflections In The Water

24. Timelash

25. Mindbender    26. The Long Sleep

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