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Production Number 16aSeason One
Original Airdate 17/11//66

Written by Gene Roddenberry
Directed by Marc Daniels

Miss Piper
Julie Parrish

Lt. Hansen
Hagan Beggs

Chief Humbolt
George Sawaya

Captain Christopher Pike
Jeffrey Hunter / Sean Kenney

Number One
Majel Barrett

Dr. Phillip Boyce
John Hoyt

Yeoman Colt
Laurel Goodwin

Commodore Jose Mendez
Malachi Throne

Jose Tyler
Peter Duryea

The Keeper
Meg Wyllie

Voice of The Keeper
Malachi Throne

Dr. Theodore Haskins
Lon Lormer


Susan Oliver

Chief Petty Officer Garrison
Adam Roarke


Kirk, Spock and McCoy transport down to Starbase 11 in response to a message received by Spock from former Enterprise captain Christopher Pike. On arrival, they are met by a surprised Commodore Mendez who informs them that it was physically impossible for Pike to have sent a message as he had been completely incapacitated since being exposed to Delta rays. He is now confined to a motorised life support unit and can only communicate by means of a flashing light for 'yes' or 'no'.

Acting strangely, Spock secretly meets with his former captain and tells him that he has a plan that, unavoidably, involves mutiny and treachery. Further investigations by Starbase 11 personnel show that no such message had been transmitted and Spock's actions come under suspicion. Spock infiltrates the computer suite on the Starbase and transmits false orders to the Enterprise.

McCoy returns to the ship while Kirk discusses the situation with Mendez in his office. Suddenly, before their eyes, Pike disappears and the Enterprise leaves orbit. Aboard the starship Spock informs the officers and crew that he is in command of a secret mission. A surprised McCoy makes objections but is ordered off the bridge to look after the needs of Captain Pike.

Mendez and Kirk pursue the Enterprise in a high-speed shuttle but Spock refuses to acknowledge them until they have passed the point where they could safely return to Starbase 11. He beams them aboard from their doomed vessel and immediately places himself under arrest, but not before locking the ship's navigation computer on a predetermined course and destination.

Spock insists that Kirk immediately begins a court martial and, with three Flag Officers available in the shape of Kirk, Mendez and Pike, there is no reason not to do so. Spock conducts his own defence and, in evidence, produces highly detailed images of the events which had occurred thirteen years previously on Talos IV ( see 'The Cage' ) but refuses to reveal the source of the images.

The viewing of the transmission is brought to a halt by Starfleet when they detect that the source is the planet Talos IV with which all contact has been prohibited since then. Commodore Mendez adjourns proceedings and Spock takes Kirk to one side, telling him that if he wants to save Pike's life and Spock's career he must somehow persuade Starfleet and the court to watch the rest of the transmission.

In the scene showing the original beam-down to Talos IV, you may be wondering why Spock is limping. The original script for 'The Cage' indicated that hed been injured in the fight on Rigel VII that Pike briefly discusses in his cabin with Dr. Boyce.



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