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Production Number 57Season Three
Original Airdate 20/12/68

Written by John Meredyth Lucas
Directed by John Meredyth Lucas

France Nuyen

Lord Petri
Jay Robinson

Tony Young

Technician Watson
Victor Brant

Crewman Evans
Lee Duncan



On a secret diplomatic mission to assist the Troyians, the Enterprise enters the Tellun system and beams aboard a delegation from the outer planet led by Petri, the Troyian ambassador. They travel to Elas, the inner planet, and beam another group of people aboard that includes a very demanding, haughty and gorgeous female called Elaan, who is to marry the ruler of Troyius in order to bring peace to the warring system.

Petri's job is to try and 'civilise' Elaan who is arrogant and spoilt. A Klingon ship is detected in the vicinity but it refuses to return the Enterprise's attempts at communication. While this is going on Kirk is summoned to Elaan's quarters where he finds that Petri has been stabbed. The Troyian ambassador is moved to sickbay where he vows to have nothing more to do with her and threatens to advise his ruler not to marry her, so the job of 'civilising' her falls onto Kirk's shoulders. While in sickbay Petri warns Nurse Chapel that when an Elasian female's tears touch a man's skin he becomes enraptured forever.

Elaan does not take kindly to being 'civilised' and also tries to stab Kirk. He is made of stronger stuff than Petri and stands up to her. She becomes emotional, telling Kirk that she is worried by the fact that nobody likes her and he tries to comfort her, unaware of the effect that her tears will have on him. One of the Elasian bodyguards, Kryton, kills an Enterprise engineer and contacts the Klingon ship but commits suicide before the contents of his message can be discovered.

Meanwhile, Elaan tries using her new power over Kirk to try and persuade him to destroy Troyius but he has become aware of his condition and manages to resist her, ordering McCoy to find some sort of antidote. Before he died, Kryton had managed to remove the ship's dilithium crystals and plant a bomb in the warp drive engines. Scotty and Spock work feverishly to repair the damage as the Klingon ship takes up an attack position but there is little they can do without dilithium crystals.

Kirk, although he is still affected by Elaan's tears, manages to pull himself together and bluff the Klingons into delaying their attack by persuading them that the Enterprise is still fully operational. Elaan appears on the bridge wearing her bridal outfit, the necklace of which happens to be made of dilithium crystals. Scotty quickly commandeers them and rushes to engineering, managing to restore the ship in time to thwart the inevitable Klingon attack. A much-changed Elaan is delivered safely to Troyius, leaving Kirk her knife as a memento since the Troyians do not ordinarily carry personal weapons.


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