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BBC1 1965-66
This was the successor to 'Not So Much A Programme...' with a similar mixture of songs, sketches and newsy satire and humour. Main presenters were Robert Robinson, Lynda Baron and John Bird, assisted by Denis Norden, Patrick Campbell, Alan Bennett, Malcolm Muggeridge, Leonard Rossiter, Bill Oddie, Roy Dotrice and John Fortune. The series was produced and directed by Ned Sherrin. A one-off 'special' called 'My Father Knew Lloyd George' was made by the same team and transmitted 18/12/65 featuring an imaginary news scandal at the turn of the century Call My Bluff
BBC2 1965-88
Very witty and enjoyable panel game in which two teams tried to guess the correct definition of an obscure word from the Oxford English dictionary from three options provided by the opposing side - 2 bogus and one real. The unscripted witty banter of this programme was incredibly funny at times. Chairmen of the series have been Robin Ray, Peter Wheeler and Robert Robinson. The original two team captains, each accompanied by two guests each week, were Robert Morley and Frank Muir
The Man In Room 17
Drama series about the Intelligence Service and their intellectual adventures concerning national security problems. The series starred Michael Aldridge and Richard Vernon Court Martial
ATV 1965
Larger full picture
Drama series with 'crime in war' as its subject matter. The two military lawyers were American and were played by Bradford Dillman and Peter Graves, in an attempt to break into the U.S. export market
BBC1 1965

Image not from series
136 x 50min episodes saw Ray Barrett starring as Peter Thornton, an Australian field agent for the multinational oil company of the title, headed by Geoffrey Keen (Brian Stead). After the first series of 13 episodes, the show's title became The Troubleshooters (BBC, 1966-72), although it kept the title Mogul when shown in other countries. The opening titles went all out to create a tense mood for the show, with shots of oil gushing forth, things exploding, planes taking off, racing cars, Barrett in a speedboat and Keen coming out of a Rolls. The theme tune was written by Tom Springfield (brother of Dusty) and the series was created by John Elliott My Favourite Martian
CBS 1963-66
Large cast picture
Very enjoyable U.S. comedy series starring Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara, a journalist who rescues a Martian (Ray Walston) when his spaceship crashes. He allows the alien to stay at his place while carrying out repairs to his ship and the series chronicles his trials and tribulations in trying to keep the martian's existence a secret from government officials and nosy neighbours by passing him off as his 'Uncle Martin', a task not helped by the Martian's predilection for demonstrating his powers such as telekinesis. !07 x 30 min episodes were made
Not Only - But Also
BBC2 1965-66 and 1970

Satirical, cynical, occasionally downright rude and always absolutely hilarious series which featured the brilliant comedy pairing of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as the raincoated proletarian debaters 'Pete and Dud'. The series also featured many fine performances on the piano by the multi-talented Moore. Two additional 30 minute episodes were filmed in Australia with Barry Humphries and shown in 1971 Out Of The Unknown
BBC2 1965-71

Superb science fiction anthology series originally produced by Irene Shubik and later, Alan Bromly. 49 x 50 and 60 minute shows were made featuring the works of sci-fi greats such as Wyndham, Asimov, Bradbury, Brunner, Kneale, Pohl, Ballard, Sheckley and Simak. The shows were of an excellent standard despite being restricted by a comparatively low production budget
Pardon The Expression
GRANADA 1965-66
Harry Driver produced 39 x 30 minute episodes of this spin-off sit-com derived from soap opera Coronation Street which featured Arthur Lowe as Leonard Swindley,assistant manager of a branch of national chain department store Dobson and Hawks. Other characters were played by Joy Stewart, Robert Dorning, Betty Driver and Paul Dawkins as store manager Walter Hunt. Their bumbling ineptitude in the retail trade ended up with their dismissal from the store at the end of the series. Script writers included Vince Powell and Jack Rosenthal Petticoat Junction
Large cast picture
An extremely successful U.S. comedy series which ran for 222 x 30 min episodes, 148 of which were made in colour. The action centred around the Shady Rest Hotel, in the one-horse town of Hooterville, and the lifeblood of the 'town' the Cannonball train which ran straight past it and the gorgeous females who ran the place. Mother, Kate Bradley (Bea Benaderet) had three beautiful daughters, Billie Jo, Betty Jo and Bobby Jo played by various actresses over the years, who were assisted by repairman Uncle Joe Carson (Edgar Buchanan) and town storekeeper Sam Drucker (Frank Cady). The engineers on the Cannonball were Charlie and Floyd
Peyton Place
ITV 1965-70
20th Century Fox
Cast montage
All-time classic American soap opera based on the novel by Grace Metalious featuring the convoluted relationships in a New England township. The original main characters were played by Dorothy Malone, Mia Farrow, Ed Nelson, Warner Anderson, Christopher Connelly, Ryan O'Neil and the gorgeous Barbara Parkins. The original 514 episode series ran for five years with a 500 episode spin-off sequel called 'Return to Peyton Place' which was made in the mid-70s Play Of The Month
BBC1 1965-79 1982-83

Long running collection of 90 minute + cultural dramas, some adapted and some written specially for television. Cast lists and playwrights are a 'who's who' of British drama and entertainment. The first presentation was on 19/10/65 featuring Geoffrey Bayldon, Alec McCowen and Patrick Magee directed by Alan Cook in John Osborne's 'Luther'
Public Eye
ABC 1965-68 THAMES 1969

87 x 60 minute episodes were made of this classic private eye series starring Alfred Burke as the down-market detective Frank Marker. He was jailed after the initial run of 41 shows for ABC but 'released by Thames in 1969 for a further 46 episodes Redcap
ABC 1965-66

A docu-drama about the Royal Military Police Special Investigation Branch starred John Thaw in 26 x 55 minute episodes which, although 'located' all over the world, were actually entirely made in the studio. The show ran for 8months from October 1964 on ABC Midlands before being transmitted on the London network from 20 May 1965. The show was produced by John Bryce from an original idea by Jack Bell
Riviera Police

A South of France bikini-packed police action drama which has achieved 'cult' status despite (or because?) only 13 x 60 minute episodes being made. The series featured four main characters, played by Noel Trevarthen, Frank Lieberman, Geoffrey Frederick and Brian Spink, who were only rarely seen together in the same episode Sherlock Holmes
BBC1 20/2/1965 to 8/5/1965
Douglas Wilmer and Nigel Stock reprised the roles of Holmes and Watson who they originally portrayed in 'The Speckled Band', an episode of the 'Detective' anthology series, in 1964. Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and produced by David Goddard, 12 x 50 minute episodes were made featuring Peter Madden as Inspector Lestrade and Derek Francis as Holmes' brother Mycroft. The second series in 1968 saw Peter Cushing take over the role of Holmes
The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe
BBC1 1965
Franco-London Films (1964)
Superb narrated version of Defoe's classic novel written for television by Jean-Paul Carriere, Pierre Revmal and Jacques Somet, directed by Jean Sacha and starring Robert Hoffman as the castaway. The enduring memory of the 13 x 30 minute episode series is the incredibly beautiful and haunting theme tune written by Robert Mellin and Gian-Pero Reverbi.
Also see Robinson Crusoe feature page
The Airbase
BBC2 1965
A comedy series that only lasted a single season, featuring the Bilko-like activities at R.A.F. Wittlethorpe, populated by American airme. David Kelsey starred as the luckless Squadron Leader Terence Heatherton whose job it was to act as liaison officer between the local yokels andthe Yanks, and to protect them from the various capers and schemes that formed the basis for the story lines. Other characters included Staff Sgt Miller (David Healy), Colonel Hoggart (Alan Gifford) and Airman Randy 'Little Wonder' Ricks (Eddie Matthews). Series writer was John Briley
ATV 1965-66
AP Films Production / ITC
Probably the greatest of Gerry Anderson's puppet-based sci-fi action adventure series which is still being shown today. Jeff Tracey and his five sons form the main team of International rescue, carrying out mercy missions anywhere on (or under) Earth to outer space in their fantastic Thunderbird rescue vehicles. 26 a 50 minute shows were made in the first series followed by a further 6 episodes in 1966 and two spin-off feature films in 1966 and 1968. Superb title theme music.
Also see Gerry Anderson Production pages
The Newcomers
BBC1 1965-69
A soap opera devised by Colin Morris set on a new housing estate in the fictional rural town of Angleton. 430 x 30 minute episodes, shown twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, featured the joys and problems of the Cooper family (and later the Robertsons) in their attempts to adjust to country life after moving out of London. The four producers during the life of the programme were Verity Lambert, Morris Barry, Ronald Travers and Bill Sellars. The main 'Cooper' characters were played by Gladys Henson, Raymond Hunt, Maggie Fitzgibbon, Judy Geeson, Alan Browning and Jeremy Bulloch. Wendy Richards played the part of their neighbour. The Robertsons (introduced in January 1968) included Jack Watling, Deborah Watling, Robert Bartlett, Paul Bartlett and Mary Kenton
The Walrus and The Carpenter
BBC1 1965

A 30 minute comedy series about two old men, ex-seaman Luther Flannery (Hugh Griffith) and ex-schoolteacher Gascoigne Quilt (Felix Aylmer) who do their best to live it up in a second childhood. The series was written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman, developed from a 1963 episode of the Comedy Playhouse series Branded

Cult U.S. cavalry western series starring Chuck Connors as Jason McCord, a cavalryman who is wrongly court-martialled for an act of cowardice and has to put up with the taunts and jibes as he attempts to clear his name. The opening title sequence of the court martial where his buttons are cut off and his cavalry sabre is broken are quite poignant. Good title song and music. 48 x 30 min episodes
The Wednesday Thriller
BBC1 1965

Highly suspenseful drama series of 8 plays produced by Bernard Hepton which included 'The Cellar' (starring Ursula Howells and Scott Forbes), 'The BabySitter' (starring Kenneth Griffith and Yootha Joyce). The first production was 'The House' starring Denholm Elliott, Nancie Jackson, Terence Alexander and Anabel Littledale 4/8/65 The Worker
ATV 1965-70

Superb under-rated sitcom written by Lewis Schwarz and Charlie Drake, featuring Drake's incomparable pathos and slapstick humour as a willing but unemployable individual who haunted the local labour exchange, plaguing the life of the incumbent, Mr Pugh (Mr 'Poo') played by Henry McGee. I loved this series
The World of Wooster
BBC1 1965-67
A gentle comedy series adapted for television by Richard Waring and Michael Mills from the stories by P.G.Wodehouse. Ian Carmichael played the title role as an incompetent aristocrat of the 1920s, totally dependent on his snobbish and supercilious manservant Jeeves (Dennis Price). Derek Nimmo also appeared in the later shows as 'silly-ass' Bingo Little. The master tapes for all but two of the twenty episodes made were 'wiped' in the early 1970s Tomorrow's World
BBC1 1965 -
Larger image

A long running half-hour earlyevening programme originally presented by Raymond Baxter who introduced us to all the latest technology and inventions, particularly featuring household and common-usage items, as well as some weird and wonderful objects never destined to hit the high street. Studio and location-filmed, original programme producers were Peter R.Smith and Peter Bruce
ABC 1965
Larger full picture
A strange, cerebral science fantasy series of 11 x 60 minute episodes which featured the efforts of Jeremy Wilkin and Rosemary Nicols in their (ultimately successful) mission to expose and destroy an attempt by aliens via an Earth-based 'Sixth Column' to subvert the structure of society and government by brainwashing its leaders. Created by Robert Banks Stewart and produced by Michael Chapman, the series also featured 'guest' appearances by stars such as George Baker United!
BBC1 1965-67
BBC Midlands were responsible for the 147 x 30 minute episodes of this football-based soap opera created by Brian Hayles which attempted to mix on-field sporting drama with the off-field social issues of the players and staff of Brentwich F.C., a fictitious struggling second division soccer club. Stoke City provided the facilities wherein manager David Lodge and trainer Harold Goodwin tried to get the best out of their players who included George Layton, Bryan Marshall and Stephen Yardley. Technical advisor was Jimmy Hill
World of Sport
ITV 1965-85
A British television institution bringing us four and a half hours of sporting variety every Saturday afternoon. The original presenter was Eamonn Andrews assisted by his team of John Rickman (horse racing), Peter Lorenzo (football results), Ian Wooldridge (cricket) along with Freddie Trueman, Martin Locke and Jimmy Hill. Kent Walton commentated on the late afternoon British wrestling slot. The show was later fronted by Dickie Davis who was also part of the original team    

Some other 1965 television shows that you may have forgotten...

Blackmail - Rediffusion (65/66) - A series of dramas based on blackmail, produced by Stella Richman For Whom The Bell Tolls - BBC2 - Dramatised version of Hemingway's Spanish civil war story - 4 x 45mins
Deckie Learner - Granada - Documentary about a young lad's first trip aboard a Grimsby trawler - 40mins Naked Island - BBC2 - a 'Thursday Theatre' production about POWs in Changi Jail - 80mins
Jury Room - BBC2 - Series of plays from the pointn of view of juries at famous trials - 12 x 50mins Six Shades of Black - Granada - A series of plays in which the hero of one became the villain in the next - 6 x 60mins
199 Park Lane - BBC1 - Twice weekly serial about the London jet-set - 18 x 30mins
The Big Valley - Four Star / Margate - 112 x 60 mins U.S. western series starring Barbara Stanwyck
The Wars of The Roses - BBC1 - Three historical plays by The RSC - 165mins, 175mins, 145mins A Man Called Shenandoah - MGM / Bronze - U.S. western series starring Robert Horton
Wild Wild West - 104 x 60 mins U.S. comedy western series starring Robert Conrad
The Edwardians - Granada - Similar to the 1963 'Victorians' drama series
Laredo - MCA / Universal - 56 x 60 mins U.S. western series starring Neville Brand Orlando - Rediffusion - Children's adventure series, a spin-off from Crane, 1963, starring Sam Kydd
Laughter From The Whitehall - BBC - another Brian Rix farce series The Power Game - ATV - Patrick Wymark in a superb politically-based sequel series to 'The Plane Makers'
Five O'Clock Funfair - A-R - Children's Television presented by Marjorie Sigley Billy Cotton's Music Hall - BBC1 1965-68 - Musical variety show featuring the big band sound
A Man Called Harry Brent - BBC2 - 6 episode Francis Durbridge drama series
24 Hours - BBC 1965-72 - News report and analysis of current events programme
'F' Troop - Warner Bros - Hugely funny U.S. comedy western series 65 x 30 mins, 31only in colour Front Page Story - ATV - Drama series set in a newspaper office
Going For A Song - BBC - Antiques-based celebrity panel game introduced by Arthur Negus Golden Drama - ATV - 2-hour production in which 30 actors, including Peter O'Toole, presented dramatic excerpts
Blood And Thunder - Granada - Two lusty 80 minute Jacobean plays by Thomas Middleton, one with Diana Rigg First Impressions - BBC1 - celebrity panel game where regulars tried to identify well-known personalities
Storytime - ATV - David Kossoff in a Sunday series reading stories to children from the Old Testament

... and what you didn't see were...

The War Game - a curiosity of 1965 - this was a 50 minute documentary drama production made by the BBC a
bout the horrors of nuclear war. It was so controversial that it was not actually screened until 31st July 1985!
Cigarette adverts - these were banned from commercial breaks in 1965

  1965 Television Ratings ( millions of homes )

The Royal Variety Show
The Power Game
Coronation Street
Hello Dolly
Take Your Pick
Steptoe and Son
Riviera Police
The Avengers
No Hiding Place
The Music of Lennon & McCartney
Double Your Money
It's Tarbuck
This Week
Miss World 1965
Love Story
Here Comes The Pops
Emergency Ward 10
Boxing - Billy Walker v Charlie Powell

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