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BBC2 1966-
A monthly 50 minute documentary programme which featured the latest discoveries in the world of history and archaeology, usually in co-productions with other countries and major institutions. The original presenters were Glyn Daniel and Magnus Magnusson. Long-time producer of the series was ex-Tonight reporter Paul Johnstone Batman
ITV 1966-
Greenway / 20th Century Fox TV
Large Batman and Robin
Blam! Zap! Pow! The caped crusaders finally hit British screens in the shape of Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, the Boy Wonder. The protectors of Gotham City were never short of super-criminal opponents in the 120 episodes and always found them in sticky situations at the end of the first of two 30 minute shows shown over two nights.
Also see Sixties City Batman page and Bill Harry's Sixties - Batman
BBC1 1966-
Screen Gems
Superb US import comedy starring the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens in 254 x 30 minute episodes of this supernatural sit-com. 1164 Morning Glory Circle was never the same after Samantha, a real witch, married mortal advertising executive Darrin Stephens (Dick York, later Dick Sargent). Samantha could make virtually anything happen with a twitch of her nose, much to the dismay of Darrin and the neighbours, Gladys and Abner Kravitz (Sandra Gould and George Tobias). Darrin fought a constant, comic, losing battle against the use of witchcraft against the fiercest of opponents - mother-in-law Endora (Agnes Moorehead).
Also see Bill Harry's Sixties - 'Bewitched'
Adam Adamant Lives!
BBC1 1966-67

adam adamant
Adam Llewellyn deVere Adamant (Gerald Harper), an aristocratic adventurer from the Edwardian era of 1902 was frozen into a block of ice by his arch enemy 'The Face' (Peter Ducrow). His body is discovered and thawed out, unleashing him on the criminal elements of 1966 Swinging London and, eventually, a re-match with his old enemy who has also survived the intervening years. He is accompanied during the 29 x 50 min episodes by Georgina (Juliet Harmer) and his new valet, Simms, played by Jack May. The series was produced by Verity Lambert and created by Donald Cotton and Richard Harris, with various writers and producers.
Also see: Bill Harry's Sixties - 'Adam Adamant Lives!'
George and The Dragon
ATV 1966-68

Classic 26 x 30 minute sitcom series written by Vince Powell and Harry Driver. The comedy centred around the kitchen of John LeMesurier's household and the battle for supremacy between the battleaxe cook-housekeeper, wonderfully played by Peggy Mount, and the previous 'top dog' before her arrival, the cunning chauffeur, classic Sid James. The three series were mainly produced by Alan Tarrant, Jack Williams producing the last six episodes Gilligan's Island
CBS 1966-
large image
98 x 30 minute episode American sitcom in which the S.S. Minnow sets sail on a three hour pleasure tour with the Skipper, Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, The Professor, and Mr. and Mrs. Howell. They never thought that a storm would result in them being shipwrecked on an island where they would have to survive, put up with each other's idiosyncracies and try to find a way back home. The show's stars were Jim Backus (Thurston Howell III), Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale Jr. (Jonas Grumby, the Skipper), Russell Johnson (Roy Hinkley, the Professor), Tina Louise (Ginger Grant), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Lovey Howell) and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann Summers)

Highly entertaining long-lived 30 minute childrens education programme with experiments and demonstrations of answers to questions on various science and intellectual subjects, ranging from very interesting to very silly. The presenters were always excellent, the original fousome comprising of Fred Dinenage, Bunty James (later replaced by Marian Davies), Jack Hargreaves and Jon Miller. The latter two tended towards the more sensible experiments while poor old Fred was often the victim of the sillier stunts and not a few that refused to work properly first time Intrigue
ABC 1966

A 12 x 55 minute industrial espionage drama series starring Edward Judd as investigator Gavin Grant. Caroline Mortimer featured as girlfriend, and occasional assistant, Val. Created by Tony Williamson and produced by Robert Banks Stewart, the concept of the series was interesting enough but the characters were too lightweight and shallow to allow the series to survive
It's A Knockout
BBC1 1966-82

Best described as 'Silly Olympics' this cult series started as a knockout style competition between various British towns, competing in events that contained a lot of water, foam, grease, inflatable platforms and silly costumes. The best of the entrants were invited into Jeux Sans Frontieres the following year, competing with other towns in an international competition, hosted in various countries on an unbelievably lavish scale. The real stars of the series were presenters Eddie Waring, David Vine and the irrepressible Stuart Hall, whose commentary on the various games frequently subsided into uncontrollable hysterical laughter at the on-field antics, a mood which (from personal experience) was nearly always transferred to the viewing audience. Although completely inane and pointless, I have very fond memories of this show, produced by Barney Colehan - it really was compulsive viewing, love it or hate it. Katie Boyle also co-hosted the international series with her multilingual talents Mystery and Imagination
ABC / THAMES 1966-70
Three series of this show were made over a four year period. 13 x 50-65 minutes (1966), 3 x 60 minutes and 3 x 90 minutes (1968) and 3 x 90 minutes (1970). David Buck featured as Richard Beckett, Victorian adventurer and 'presenter' / narrator of the series produced in Gothic settings and featuring spooky and macabre tales, many by famous authors. The series was devised by Jonathan Alwyn who, with script editor Terence Feely, chose the stories from over four hundred Victorian tales. Top actors took leading roles in the presentations which included adapted versions of 'The Fall Of The House Of Usher', 'Frankenstein', 'The Body Snatcher', 'Casting The Runes', 'The Phantom Lover' and the almost inevitable 'Dracula'

Mrs Thursday
ATV 1966-67

25 x 55 minute episodes of this gentle, warm-hearted series starred Kathleen Harrison as Mrs Thursday, a charlady who inherits control of a property empire from her late employer. Business and financial advice was offered, but not always taken, by Richard Hunter, played by Hugh Manning. Not really a situation comedy, more an examination of the better side of human nature which, in Mrs Thursday's case, refused the temptation of money and power to corrupt her generous and common-sense nature. The series was produced by Jack Williams The Informer

21 x 55 minute episodes starred Ian Hendry as Alex Lambert, a police informer with connections in the underworld made as a barrister before he was disbarred. His information was sold to insurance companies and a police contact played by Neil Hallett, but he had a constant problem in trying to keep the source of his income secret from his wife (Heather Sears). Alternative female interest was supplied by Jean Marsh, playing the girlfriend of the defendant whose case led to him losing his job and to whom he turned for comfort and understanding. The series was created by John Whitney and Geoffrey Bellman
Softly Softly
BBC1 1966-70

A spin-off series from the highly popular 'Z-Cars' saw 69 x 50 minute episodes feature Stratford Johns as Detective Chief Superintendent Barlow. Other characters included DCI Lewis (Garfield Morgan), DC Stone (Alexis Kanner), DS Hawkins (Norman Bowler) and later Inspector Watt (Frank Windsor). The series was produced by Leonard Lewis and David E. Rose. A follow-up series was made between 1970-76 called 'Softly Softly: Task Force' consisting of another 131 x 50 minute episodes with Barlow promoted to Head of Thamesford Constabulary CID The Liars
Larger pic Nyree Dawn Porter
9 x 55 minute episodes were made of this series which had, as its central connecting thread, four related storytellers trying to outdo each other with their tall tales. 'The Liars' were Ian Ogilvy, William Mervyn, Nyree Dawn Porter and the equally gorgeous Isla Blair. The stories themselves were adapted for the TV script by Philip Mackie and Hugh Leonard from short stories by famous authors such as Oscar Wilde, Saki, Guy de Maupassant, William Sansom, Stacy Aumonier, Lord Dunsany, Michael Arlen and Anatole France. Philip Mackie also produced the series
Seven Deadly Sins

A series of seven self-contained dramas linked by the general theme of the series title, each production featuring one of 'The Seven Deadly Sins' - sloth, avarice, gluttony etc. One of the interesting factors of the series was that the actual 'sin' being portrayed was not revealed until the closing credits rolled. One episode - 'In The Night' (13/6/66) featured Joanna Dunham and Adam Faith in the lead roles. Series producer was Peter Willes Star Trek
BBC1 1966-
Desilu Studios
Uhura large image

Space - the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship 'Enterprise' - its five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations - to boldly go where no man has gone before! The mission spoken of by William Shatner as starship captain James T. Kirk has now lasted more than 35 years in various forms - the best science fiction series of all time.
Also see my Star Trek pages for images and individual episode guides
Weavers Green
49 x 30 minute episodes were made of this comparatively short-lived soap opera, supposedly television's answer to 'The Archers', which centred around the activities of two country vets in the fictitious East Anglian English village of the title. The series was written by Betty and Peter Lambda and produced by John Jacobs. Main characters were portrayed by Grant Taylor (Alan Armstrong), Eric Flynn (Geoffrey Toms), Megs Jenkins, Maurice Kaufmann, Georgina Ward, Susan Field, Richard Coleman, Marjie Lawrence, John Moulder-Brown, John Glyn-Jones, Gerald Young and Vanessa Forsyth. Also seen, as youngsters, were Susan George and Kate O'Mara. The series was initially shown on Thursdays and Saturdays but succumbed to TV politics when ATV wanted the slot for Emergency Ward 10 The Corridor People
A 4 x 45 minute action / adventure / comic-strip style series created and written by Eddie Boyd which featured the schemes of super-villainess Syrie Van Epp, played by Elizabeth Shepherd. Her various schemes included an amnesia perfume ('V'ictim As Birdwatcher'), resurrecting the dead ('Victim As Whitebait'), kidnap of a defector ('Victim As Red') and an involvement with some very strange Royals ('Victim As Black'). Other main characters in the series were played by John Sharp (Kronk of the CID), Gary Cockrell (a private eye called 'Scrotty'), Alan Curtis (Inspector Blood), William Maxwell (Sergeant Hound) and a dwarf called Nonesuch who was played by William Trigger.The series was produced by Richard Everitt
The Frost Report
BBC1 1966-67

Not to be confused with 'The Frost Programme' produced by Rediffusion from 1966-68, this series featured David Frost and his team (Ronnie Barker, John Cleese, Nicholas Smith, Ronnie Corbett, Tom Lehrer, Nicky Henson and Julie Felix) in another of his satirical, light-hearted pokes at the more ludicrous side of authority, officialdom and current affairs
Thirteen Against Fate
BBC1 1966

Irene Shubik produced this 13 x 60 minute series containing adaptations of stories by 'Maigret' author Georges Simenon. Although all were crime-based, the various stories were quite different in nature. Some of the episodes were entitled 'The Traveller' (Le Voyageur de la Toussaint), 'Trapped' (Cour d'Assises), 'The Suspect' (Les Fiancailles de M.Hire) and 'The Lodger' (Le Locataire). Series music was composed by Tony Russell
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
BBC1 1966-
Montage picture

U.N.C.L.E., the United Network Command for Law Enforcement was the only thing which stood between evil organisation THRUSH and world domination. Top agents Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) bore the brunt of the action through eight feature films and 105 x 60 minute tongue-in-cheek spy capers under the command of organisation boss Alexander Waverly played by Leo G. Carroll.
Also see my Man From U.N.C.L.E. pages for more information
The Monkees
ITV 1966-68

The Monkees
Hey Hey we're the Monkees - zany American music show starring the created-for-television pop group of the same name. Each of the 58 x 30 minute episodes featured the band in a slapstick adventure situation, interspersed with their songs. The series was produced in the U.S. by Screen Gems / NBC and starred group members Mickey Dolenz (remember Circus Boy?), Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and singer Davy Jones, who was the only British member of the group and had previously appeared as a character in 'Coronation Street'.
Also see: Bill Harry's Sixties - 'The Monkees'
This Man Craig
BBC2 1966-67
A 50 minute drama series centring around the community of the Scottish town of Strathaird, particularly the teachers, pupils and parents of its comprehensive school. The main storylines revolved around physics teacher Ian Craig, played by John Cairney. The series was produced and directed by Peter Graham Scott from material by many Scottish writers Vendetta
BBC1 1966-68
A crime drama of 36 x 50 minute episodes starring Stelio Candelli as Danny Scipio, an ex-Mafia member helping to investigate the underworld activities of the mafioso within our own fair shores. His partner in the dangerous undercover operations was Angelo James, played by Neil McCallum. The series was created and written by Tudor Gates and Brian Degas. William Slater produced
'Til Death Us Do Part
BBC1 1966-68, 1972, 1974-75
Larger picture
Una Stubbs picture

Another all-time classic sitcom which started life as a single production in the Comedy Playhouse series. Written by Johnny Speight, the 39 x 30 minute episodes were, for the time, extremely controversial, leaving no subject untouched in its critique of the world at large and London's East End docklands in particular. Warren Mitchell starred as Alf Garnett, a patriarchal working class Cockney with extremely strong and frequently biased and bigoted views on every subject imaginable. His long-suffering wife Elsie was played by Dandy Nichols and daughter Rita by Una Stubbs. Layabout son-in-law Mike (Anthony Booth) was Alf's nemesis, holding the opposite view to virtually all of Alf's, which led to many comic lectures and tirades, usually ending with Alf verbally backing himself into a corner where he was teased mercilessly by the other family members. The series was revived in 1981 with the family relocated to Eastbourne and again in 1985, now titled 'In Sickness And In Health' with Alf having moved back near to his beloved West Ham football club after the death of his wife. Two feature films were made by Associated London Films - 'Til Death Us Do Part' in 1969 and 'The Alf Garnett Saga' in 1972 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
ITV 1966-
Irwin Allen/Cambridge / 20th Century Fox TV
"This is the Seaview, the most extraordinary submarine in all the Seven Seas. Its public image is that of an instrument of marine research. In actuality, it is the mightiest weapon afloat, and is secretly assigned to the most dangerous missions against the ememies of mankind." Great Irwin Allen science fiction series. 110 episodes (32 B/W 78 colour) followed the adventures of Admiral Harriman Nelson ( Richard Basehart ) and Captain Lee Crane ( David Hedison ) as they piloted the supersub 'Seaview' through various crises and earth-threatening disasters. "The Seaview Theme" was written by Paul Sawtell.
The Baron
ATV 1966-67
Large picture montage
This 'Saint'-type action series was based on a character created by John Creasey. Steve Forrest starred as wealthy antique dealer / adventurer / ex-jewel thief John Mannering, assisted by the sexy Sue Lloyd playing Cordelia Winfield, in his globe-trotting adventures, often working for the police and government using his trade as cover. The Monty Berman-produced series also spawned two TV features in 1966 and 1968 from re-edited episodes 'Mystery Island' and 'The Man in a Looking Glass'

Some other 1966 television shows that you may have forgotten...

Alice In Wonderland - BBC1 - TV version of Lewis Carroll's story with music by Ravi Shankar - 80mins A Farewell To Arms - BBC2 - Serial dramatisation of Hemingway's First World War novel - 3 x 45mins
Isadora - BBC1 - Telefilm biography of the exotic dancer, produced and directed by Ken Russell - 65mins Talking To A Stranger - BBC2 - 4 plays looking at a family crisis from different perspectives - 3x90mins 1x95mins
The Troubleshooters - BBC1 - A continuation of the 'Mogul' series under a different title 1966-72 The World Cup Final - BBC1/ATV - 30/7/66 - England's finest hour watched by 33 million people. See World Cup 66
Our Man From St.Mark's - A-R - 1966 - 12 x 30 min series follow-on from Our Man At St.Mark's One Man And His Dog - BBC2 - Sheepdog trial competition hosted by Robin Page and Phil Drabble
A Game Of Murder - BBC2 - 6 episode Francis Durbridge drama series Bat Out Of Hell - BBC2 - 5 episode Francis Durbridge drama series
The 3 Musketeers - BBC 66-67 - 10x25 min series with Brian Blessed, Jeremy Young, Gary Watson & Jeremy Brett All Square - ATV - 66-67 - Zany Michael Bentine comedy series - remember dwile-flonking?
The Vital Spark - BBC1 - 66-67 - Follow -on from'Para Handy' ( 1959 ) with Roddy McMillan as his son Iron Horse - Superb US import western - 47 x 60 min series starring Dale Robertson as a railroad boss
The Money Programme - BBC2 - A weekly look at the world of finance and big business Who Were The British? - Anglia - Archaeology programme tracing the lineage of Ancient Britons
The Stories Of D.H.Lawrence - Granada - Drama stories mainly about Nottinghamshire mining villages Nelson - A Study In Miniature - ATV - Terence Rattigan play suggested and introduced by Prince Philip
The Rogues - NBC - Lightweight U.S. crime caper series starring David Niven and Charles Boyer No Time For Sergeants - Cult viewing - gently, sometimes hilariously, funny U.S. Army situation comedy series
The Rat Catchers - AR - 66-67 - Top Secret spy series starring Gerald Flood as Peregrine Pascale Smith Reporting '66 ( Reporting '67 ) - ITN - Half hour news compilation programme 1966-67

  1966 Television Ratings ( millions of homes )

Miss World 1966
The Avengers
Mrs Thursday
A Royal Gala
World Title Boxing
Secombe and Friends
Dare I Weep, Dare I Moan ( drama starring James Mason )
The London Palladium Show
The Morecambe and Wise Show
Coronation Street
Emergency Ward 10
Double Your Money
Gone Laughing Home
Take Your Pick
The Rat Catchers
The Blackpool Show
No Hiding Place
The Power Game

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