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A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases'
BBC1 1967-68, 1971
A series adapted for television by Alan Melville and Henry Cecil from a collection of comic legal abstracts written for 'Punch' magazine by A.P.Herbert. A total of 19 x 30 minute episodes were made, featuring Roy Dotrice as Albert Haddock, whose frequent skirmishes with the local constabulary invariably ended up with a court appearance in which the case for the defence hinged upon some ancient or long-forgotten legal precedent or law. The long-suffering judge who presided over the cases was Mr. Swallow, played by Alastair Sim. Other regular characters were played by Avice Landon (Mrs Haddock) and Thorley Walters (Sir Joshua Hoot QC) All Gas and Gaiters
BBC1 1967, 1969-71
Gentle sitcom farce which evolved from the Comedy Playhouse episode 'The Bishop Rides Again'. The irreverent series starred Derek Nimmo as the bumbling, inept but well-meaning chaplain Noote who never used one word when ten would do. His misadventures were aided, abetted and covered up by the Archdeacon (Robertson Hare) and the Bishop (William Mervyn) in their constant battle with the church authorities as embodied in the Dean, played by Ernest Clark. 32 x 30 minute episodes were created and written by Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps, produced by Stuart Allen (1st series) and John Howard Davies. The series also led to later spin-offs including 'Oh Brother!' 1968 and 'Oh Father!' (7 x 30 minute eps, 1973)
At Last The 1948 Show
Large montage image

13 x 30 minute episodes were made of this non-stop comedy sketch series under executive producer David Frost. The four main perpetrators (and writers) were John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Tim Brooke-Taylor and the wild-eyed Marty Feldman. Very much in 'Python' vein, the highly visual gags were linked by the gorgeous baby-voiced blonde Aimi Macdonald. "I am the lovely Aimi Macdonald - you know what I mean darlings?" - certainly do! The series was directed by Ian Fordyce Beggar My Neighbour
BBC1 1967-68

Yet another sitcom series born out of a Comedy Playhouse production, this one written by Mike Sharland and Ken Hoare which ran for 22 x 30 minute episodes. The situation featured two neighbouring families, the poor Garveys (Peter Jones as an underpaid junior executive and wife June Whitfield) and the well-off Butts (skiving fitter Reg Varney and wife Pat Coombs) where the two wives are actually sisters. The series was produced first by David Croft and later by Eric Fawcett
Blandings Castle
BBC1 1967

A 6 x 30 minute episode adaptation of the P.G. Wodehouse creation, written by John Chapman and produced by Michael Mills, which appeared under the general production title 'The World Of Wodehouse'. It featured upper crust Lord Emsworth (Ralph Richardson) and his man Beach the butler (Stanley Holloway) in their continually frustrated attempts to lead a quiet life minding their own business. The other 'star' of the series was Emsworth's prize sow 'Empress'

Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons
ATV 1967-68
ITC / Century 21 Productions
Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel

Though the Mysterons plan to conquer the Earth, this indestructible man will show what he's worth... and he did too, through 32 x 30 minute episodes of yet another fabulous sci-fi supermarionation series by Gerry Anderson. His voice was supplied by actor Francis Matthews and other regular characters were voiced by Ed Bishop, Paul Maxwell, Gary Files, Charles Tingwell, Donald Gray, Liz Morgan and Sylvia Anderson. The series was produced by Reg Hill.
Also see Gerry Anderson Production pages and Bill Harry's Sixties - Captain Scarlet
ABC 1967
THAMES 1969-72
ATV 1981
Large different image

Totally excellent series born out of the Armchair Theatre production 'A Magnum For Schneider'. The title role created by James Mitchell was brilliantly played by Edward Woodward, a rebellious, almost reluctant secret service agent and 'hitman' constantly plagued by his own moral values. His seedy, cowardly assistant and pet informer Lonely was played by Russell Hunter. The unspecified government department was run by various people under the codename 'Hunter' and chief agent, stuck-up bully Toby Meres (Anthony Valentine) with whom Callan had frequent run-ins. Patrick Mower also appeared as another agent, Cross, whose character was killed off in the fourth series. 43 x 60 minute episodes were made, 6 by ABC and the rest by Thames. A feature movie 'Callan' was made in 1974 by Magnum Films and a further one-off 90 minute 'final mission' show by ATV in 1981 called 'Wet Job'. Lloyd Shirley produced the show for ABC and Reginald Collin for Thames The Prisoner
ATV 1967-68
Everyman Films Production
Location shot

Probably the most enigmatic series ever produced - pure cult television - you either loved it or hated it, but no-one understood it apart from the basic scenario of a spy who resigned being incarcerated in a weird prison 'Village' and constantly trying to escape while being quizzed about the reasons for his resignation. It could have been a fascist micro-state, an Eastern bloc spy prison or just a hallucination. The general consensus is that this was a continuation of the John Drake role featured in the 'Danger Man' series but this has never been revealed by star and creator of the series Patrick McGoohan. uch was his influence on the series that, in some episodes, he was also executive producer, scriptwriter, editor and director as well. Whichever, the 'Village' is actually real - Portmeirion in North Wales - a 'must see' if you're ever in the area. McGoohan played the un-named prisoner 'Number 6' (I am not a number - I am a free man!), constantly plotting escape from the clutches of 'Number Two', the frequently replaced Village chief played by a number of different guest stars in cameo roles. We never found out who 'Number One' was. Surprisingly, as it seemed like many more, only 17 episodes were made. Loved the 'Bubbles'

City 68
GRANADA 1967-68

A series of topical dramas revolving around life in the fictitious Lancashire city of Fylde. 13 x 60 minute individual episodes were made, building up a picture of various conflicts in the different social levels of a fair sized city. Episode titles included 'The Visitors' and 'The Shooting War'. The latter was the first episode, which starred Geoffrey Palmer, Kenneth Cranham, Michael Apted, Geoffrey Hughes and George Innes. The programme was produced by H.V.Kershaw who also wrote the first episode taken from an idea by John Finch Further Adventures of Lucky Jim
BBC1 1967 BBC2 1982
Based on the 1954 novel by Kingsley Amis, 7 x 30 minute episodes were brought bang up to date by Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement to tell the story of a Yorkshire misfit's adventures in 'Swinging Sixties London'. Keith Barron starred as Jim Dixon, expounding on the oddities of various happenings and institutions in the big city. The original series was produced by Duncan Wood, Kingsley Amis acting as series consultant. The same writers resurrected the character, this time played by Enn Reitel, for a further 7 x 30 minute episodes in 1982, dealing with a whole new set of issues - sic transit gloria mundi
Half Hour Story
REDIFFUSION 1967-68, 1971

A series of 30 minute television dramas based on short stories provided by both established and new writers, produced by Stella Richman. The casts were star-studded and included titles such as ''Shelter' (Alun Owen), 'Myself, I've Got Nothing Against The South Ken' (Julian Bond), 'Between Men' (Doris Lessing) and 'Which Of These Two Ladies Is He Married To?' (Edna O'Brien). The 1971 series was a combination of new material and repeats of the Sixties productions Haunted
ABC 1967-68

8 x 55 minute episodes produced by Michael Chapman featured Patrick Mower as Michael West, a university lecturer who was the connecting thread between a series of stories about occult and supernatural phenomena which were transmitted as late night viewing. A further two episodes were produced in 1974, titled 'The Ferryman' and 'Poor Girl'

I Dream Of Jeannie
ITV 1967-

Larger alternate image

US sitcom starring Larry Hagman as US astronaut Captain (later Major) Tony Nelson who lands his capsule a little off course and finds himself on a deserted island. He discovers a bottle on the beach and releases the gorgeous Jeannie, played by Barbara Eden. Tony becomes the genie's master and seems to get as many wishes as he wants when he takes Jeannie back home with him to the States but has a heck of a time keeping her real identity a secret from the base Commander. Also starring in the series were Hayden Rorke as Colonel Alfred Bellows, Bill Daily as Nelson's friend and partner-in-crime Captain/Major Roger Healey, Emmaline Henry as Mrs Bellows, Barton MacLane, Philip Ober and Vinton Haworth. 139 x 30 minute episodes and two TV movies were made which are still being shown

Lost In Space
ITV 1967- 70
Cast picture

83 wonderful episodes (plus an unaired pilot) were made of this tongue-in-cheek US sci-fi series about the space family Robinson (plus a stowaway / saboteur and a fab robot), lost in space aboard their craft Jupiter 2, and their attempts to find their way back to Earth via strange planets and different dimensions. Many guest stars portrayed the 'weekly' aliens including Malachi Throne, Francine York, Michael Rennie, Warren Oates and Al Lewis. The show's main characters were played by Guy Williams (Dad John), June Lockhart (Mum Maureen), Mark Goddard (pilot Major Don West), Marta Kristen (elder daughter Judy), Angela Cartwright (younger daughter Penny), Billy Mumy (son Will) and Jonathan Harris (cowardly saboteur / stowaway Prof Zachary Smith). The B9 robot was operated/played by Bob May for which Dick Tufeld provided the voice and the various announcements. There was also Penny's pet, an alien 'chimp' known as Debbie the Bloop
Man In A Suitcase
ITC 1967-68

A Spy / crime drama in which Richard Bradford starred as McGill, a freelance troubleshooter come bounty hunter who had been kicked out of the CIA. The 30 x 60 minute series was created by Dennis Spooner and Richard Harris and produced by Sidney Cole. The two-part episode 'Variation On A Million Bucks' was edited into a 97 minute telefilm feature called 'To Chase A Million' ( 1967 )
Also see: Bill Harry's Sixties - Man In A Suitcase
Market In Honey Lane
ATV 1967-69
'Eastenders'-type Cockney soap drama created by Louis Marks and produced by John Cooper. The action was centred around a London street market and its traders and customers. Main characters were played by John Bennett, Michael Golden, Ray Lonnen, Peter Birrel, Brian Rawlinson, Pat Nye and Anna Wing (who also starred in 'Eastenders'). The programme ran for two years, the name being changed to 'Honey Lane' in September 1968 when it became a twice weekly 30 minute afternoon show (Mondays and Wednesdays), taking the place of the unsuccessful soap 'Driveway' which lasted just 16 episodes
Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width
ABC 1967-68
THAMES 1968-71
Larger image
Yes, another classic sitcom with its roots in a one-off play, written by the successful Vince Powell and Harry Driver, from the 'Armchair Theatre' series. 17 x 30 minute shows were made by ABC, produced by Ronnie Baxter, and a further 22 episodes by Thames after they acquired the rights. The comedy stemmed from the cultural and social differences between two East-End tailors, Manny Cohen (played by John Bluthal) and Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch). Local church ministers in the shape of Rabbi Levy (Cyril Shaps) and Father Ryan (Eamon Kelly) were often required to calm the situation when they weren't involved in one of their own News At Ten
ITN 1967-
This was the start of it all, a push by ITV to make an extended, 30 minute, late evening news programme covering the daily stories and important issues in much greater detail than the 12 minute bulletin, which had previously been broadcast at 8:55pm, and in a much more relaxed, US style. The use of two presenters allowed late breaking news to be fed to the off-screen newsman. The News At Ten team originally consisted of newsreaders Alastair Burnet, Andrew Gardner, Reginald Bosanquet and George Ffitch. Major correspondents were Sandy Gall, John Edwards, Richard Linley and Alan Hart, backed up in the studio by another team headed by Gerald Seymour
No, That's Me Over Here
REDIFFUSION 1967-68 LWT 1970
Graham Chapman, Barry Cryer and Eric Idle wrote the scripts for 21 x 30 minute episodes of this sitcom which gave the diminutive Ronnie Corbett his first taste of TV stardom trying to hold his own amongst the elite of suburbia. His wife was played by Rosemary Leach and Henry McGee also starred as their supercilious neighbour with whom they carried on a constant battle of one-upmanship. David Frost was executive producer of the show which was produced by Bill Hitchcock (co-produced by Marty Feldman in the first series) Not In Front Of The Children
BBC1 1967-70

Another Comedy Playhouse escapee ('House In A Tree') launching Wendy Craig into a series of sitcoms as a downtrodden but cheerful and sometimes dizzy mother and wife. 37 x 30 minute episodes were written by Richard Waring, with Jennifer Corner (Wendy) trying to cope with an oft times grumpy husband and three children. Husband Henry was originally played by Paul Daneman (who also played the role in the Comedy Playhouse show) and later by Ronald Hines. The children were Trudi (Roberta Tovey, later Verina Greenlaw) Robin (Hugo Keith-Johnston) and Amanda (Jill Riddick). Successors to this show were 'And Mother Makes Three' (24 eps Thames 1971-73) and 'And Mother Makes Five' (26 eps Thames 1974-76)
BBC1 1967-
The start of the long-running weekly music and arts programme featuring a wide variety of documentaries and mini biopics on creative artists in many fields. Programmes included 'The World Of Coppard', Ken Russell's 'Dante's Inferno', the ghost story 'Whistle And I'll Come To You', 'All My Loving' - a pop music film by Tony Palmer and 'Down These Mean Streets A Man Must Go', a film portrait of crime thriller author Raymond Chandler starring Tom Daly as Chandler, Robert O'Neil as Philip Marlowe and also featuring Edward Judd and David Bauer Sanctuary
26 x 55 minute episodes were written by Philip Levene and produced by John Harrison of this prime time drama series. Shown at the unlikely time of 8p.m. on a Wednesday, the series was set in a London convent, dealing with the various character conflicts, social problems and general activities of the female incumbents. Harrison described the series as "... documentary fiction made with accuracy and reverence without being mushy". Main characters were played by Fay Compton (Sister Juliana), Alison Leggatt (Sister Ursula), Joanna Dunham (Sister Benedict) and Peggy Thorpe-Bates (Sister Paul)
Sexton Blake
REDIFFUSION 1967-68 THAMES 1968-71, 1978
Although originally a character in the comic 'The Halfpenny Marvel' at the turn of the century, the action adventure stories produced by Ronald Marriott transferred well to the small screen, retaining much of the serialised 'comic' feel and non-stop action. 64 x 30 minute episodes were made starring Laurence Payne as the Sherlock Holmes style detective of the title with his own particular Dr Watson being played by Roger Foss as 'Tinker'. A further six part story called 'Sexton Blake and The Demon God' was made in 1978 with Jeremy Clyde in the title role and Philip Davis as his sidekick Tinker The Forsyte Saga
BBC2 1967
Screen shot

All-time classic historical drama series created as 26 x 50 minute episodes, each being a separate Victorian playlet in itself but always leaving a suspenseful situation to be resolved in the next episode. The story by John Galsworthy was produced by Donald Wilson and stars included Kenneth More, Eric Porter, Margaret Tyzack, June Barry and Michael York as well as two of my favourite actresses, the gorgeous Nyree Dawn Porter and the equally lovely Susan Hampshire
The Golden Shot
ATV 1967-75
Montage image

Bernie, the Bolt! A phrase remembered long after the demise of this long-running TV competition programme based on crossbow archery and which included a phone-in for some lucky viewer guiding a blindfolded 'Bernie's' aim (left a bit...right a!) to win the prize on offer. Surprised no-one was tempted to take a pot-shot at the audience. Presenters of the show included Jackie Rae, Bob Monkhouse, Alton Douglas and Norman Vaughn. The 'Bernies' were Derek Young, Alan Bailey and Johnny Baker, and who could forget the 'Golden Girls' who included at various times Anita Richardson, Andrea Lloyd, Carol Dilworth, Lee Patrick and the ultimate 'dumb blonde', Anne Aston. Never mind Anne, we didn't watch you for your intellectual prowess! The World About Us
BBC2 1967-86
A long-running natural history series initiated by David Attenborough who was in charge of the channel at the time. The show took advantage of the new medium of colour television to bring us what, in the early days, was a collection of nature footage shot by amateur cameramen. The quality of the material gradually increased until, eventually, the BBC relented and provided a decent budget for proper production of the programme, mainly coming from the BBC's Natural History Unit based in Bristol which had come into existence as early as 1957 following the 'Look' series by Peter Scott and which was to become the mainstay of all the BBC's fabulous nature series
The Revenue Men
BBC2 1967-68

13 episodes of 50 minutes and 12 of 45 minutes were made of this action adventure series revolving around the experiences of Customs and Excise investigators in their pursuit of smugglers, hijackers and drug traffickers. The three lead characters were played by James Grant, Ewen Solon and Callum Mill and the series was produced by Gerard Glaister The Whitehall Worrier
BBC1 1967

Our cup overfloweth - not a cult programme but one more sitcom born from Comedy Playhouse, the 'The Mallard Imaginaire' from 5/7/66. The 30 minute show starred Robert Coote as incapable minister the Rt. Hon. Mervyn Pugh and Moira Lister as his wife. Also appearing were Daphne Anderson and Jonathan Cecil. This early 'Yes Minister' lookalike was written by Alan Melville and produced by Graeme Muir
The Short Stories of Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle

BBC2 1967
13 x 50 minute shows were made in this series which dramatised the non-Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan-Doyle. The themes were many and varied covering everything from horror stories about Egyptian mummies to boxing. A connecting thread ran through the series in the form of three university students around whom each of the stories was centred - Philip Hardacre (Michael Latimer), Tom Crabbe (Keith Buckley) and Monkhouse 'Monkey' Lee (Christopher Matthews). Series producer was Harry Moore, the concept being created by John Hawkesworth who also wrote some of the adaptations Do Not Adjust Your Set
REDIFFUSION 1967-68 THAMES 1968-69
A 25 minute music and comedy series, similar in style to 'At Last The 1948 Show', which featured the talents of David Jason, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Denise Coffey and Michael Palin in a series of visual comedy sketches. The series included an episodic story about 'superhero' Captain Fantastic (David Jason) and his arch enemy Mrs Black (Denise Coffey). Most of the sketches were compiled by messrs Jones, Palin and Idle, the series being produced by Humphrey Barclay and later Ian Davidson. The musical interlude was just as zany, featuring the resident support of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Thames produced a one-off Christmas special titled 'Do Not Adjust Your Stocking' in 1968, directed and produced by Adrian Cooper
Witch Hunt
BBC2 1967
A 5 x 25 minute drama-chiller serial written by Jon Manchip White, directed by Peter Duguid and produced by Alan Bromly which focussed on the existence of witchcraft in a modern-day Gloucestershire community. Patrick Kavanagh starred as the new arrival in a town whose inhabitants were rather more than they at first appeared to be. Other cast members included Sally Home, John Paul, Anna Palk and Derek Francis

Some other 1967 television shows that you may have forgotten...

The White Rabbit - BBC2 - Drama about Wing-Cmdr Yeo-Thomas and the wartime French Resistance - 4 x 45mins The Big Valley - ABC/Four Star - US Western 112 x 52 mins starring Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Richard Long
Sorry, I'm Single - BBC1 - 1967 - Sitcom starring Derek Nimmo - like 'Man About The House' with 3 girls I Spy - Desilu/Warner - 82 x 60 mins - Cult action/adventure/spy series starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby
Hogan's Heroes - US - 168 x 30 minutes - Cult comedy series about WWII POWs starring Bob Crane Mr. Rose - Granada - 1967-68 - 25 x 60 mins - Crime drama, spin-off from 1962 series 'The Odd Man'
Hancock's - ABC - 1967 - Sitcom starring Tony Hancock as a club owner Nixon at Nine Five - BBC1 - 1967 - Magic and Variety series hosted by magician David Nixon
Further Adventures of The Musketeers - BBC - 16 x 25 min adventures starring Joss Ackland & John Woodvine Now For Nixon - BBC1 - 1967-68 - Magic and Variety series hosted by magician David Nixon
Ask The Family - BBC - 1967-82 - Early evening family quiz competition chaired by Robert Robinson David Nixon - BBC1 - 1967-68 - Magic and Variety series hosted by magician David Nixon
Harry Worth - BBC1 - 1967-70 - Comedy sitcom starring the much under-rated bumbling comedian Pinky and Perky's Island - BBC - Music and variety show starring the falsetto piggy puppets
Those Two Fellers - ABC - Comedy series starring situation comedy writers Sid Green and Dick Hills Hondo - USA - 17 x 60 mins Louis L'Amour western series starring Ralph Taeger
The Legend of Custer - USA - 16 x 60 mins US Cavalry western series starring Wayne Maunder Cimarron Strip - CBS - 23 x 90 mins - Lavish US western series, almost films, starring Stuart Whitman
Turn Out The Lights - Granada - 6 x 45 mins ghost-hunting sitcom starring Arthur Lowe and Robert Dorning Who Is Sylvia? - ATV - 7 x 30 minute marriage bureau sitcom starring Charlie Drake and Kathleen Byron
Frost Over England - BBC1 - One-off show featuring the best of 'The Frost Report' - Golden Rose of Montreux winner A Man Called Shenandoah - US ABC - 34 x 30 mins classic US western series starring Robert Horton
Death By Misadventure - Granada - Documentary examining the causes of great 20th century disasters Inheritance - Granada - Drama about a Yorkshire mill dynasty adapted from three novels by Phyllis Bentley
Tonight With Dave Allen - ATV 67 ( LWT 68-69 ) - Comedy and chat show with Allen performing strange stunts The Enchanted Isles - ITV - Wildlife documentary about the Galapagos islands introduced by Prince Philip
The Flower Of Gloster - ITV - Childrens programme about adventures on a travelling narrow boat Mr. Aitch - ITV - Sitcom starring Harry H. Corbett
Jeux Sans Frontieres - BBC1 - 1967-82 - The 'Eurovision' version of 'It's A Knockout' hosted by Stuart Hall Seven Deadly Virtues - Rediffusion - Follow-on drama series to 'Seven Deadly Sins'
My Man Joe - ATV - Sitcom starring Joe Baker (below)

1967 TV 'Happenings'

'The World Of Sport' director Robin Reid invents a brand new sport - Rallycross
The Crossroads Motel is blown up by a World War Two bomb
The BBC transmits coverage of Wimbledon in colour
The Des O'Connor Show is exported (deported?) to America
Coronation Street's Elsie marries Steve Tanner

  1967 Television Ratings ( millions of homes )

The Royal Variety Show
Secombe and Friends
Miss World 1967
Z Cars
The London Palladium Show
This Is Petula Clark
Coronation Street
World In Action
Market In Honey Lane
Double Your Money
The Eurovision Song Contest
The Avengers
Take Your Pick
The Morecambe and Wise Show
Professional Boxing
Mrs Thursday
Death By Misadventure
Dr. Finlay's Case Book
International Ice Gala

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