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Around The World Under The Sea
Based on the novel by Jules Verne
MGM / Ivan Tors
Andrew Marton

Lloyd Bridges, Shirley Eaton, Brian Kelly, David McCallum, Keenan Wynn
Marshall Thompson

The film contains some terrific underwater sequences directed by Ricou Browning. When a fissure in the Earth's crust causes huge tidal waves a super-sub and its crew are despatched to place seismographic warning sensors in critical areas along the fault line. Various hazards encountered on their travels include the almost obligatory underwater sea monster . . .


One Of Our Spies Is Missing
MGM / Arena
E. Darrell Hallenbeck

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Yvonne Craig, Maurice Evans, Bernard Fox

Two scientists invent a machine that can reverse the ageing process. Its secret is eagerly sought after by both U.N.C.L.E. and THRUSH.
The film gives an interesting, if short, glimpse into the workings of THRUSH Central which seems to operate on much the same lines as U.N.C.L.E. headquarters.
Also see U.N.C.L.E Films and TV

Superago Versus Diabolicus
(Superago Contra Diabolicus)

Liber Film / Sec Film / Balcazar
Nick Nostro

Ken Wood, Gerard Tichy, Loredna Nusciak, Monica Randal Francisco, Castillo Escalona
Emilio Messina, Geoffrey Copleston

In his secret underground H.Q. a mad scientist by the name of Diabolicus has been 'collecting' uranium to produce a radioactive gold isotope which will help him achieve his aim of world domination. His plans are pin-falled by yet another in the seemingly endless collection of wrestling heroes, Superago. The scientist makes his escape in a rocket and heads towards outer space, only to be blown up when a computer malfunctions. Never did trust those things - why is this keyboard smoking . . .
Goldstar productions / Seven Arts
Herbert J. Leger

Roddy McDowall, Jill Haworth, Paul Maxwell, Aubrey Richards, Ernest Clark, Oliver Johnston
Alan Sellers, Noel Trevarthen

A museum curator - who happens to keep his mummified mother's body at home (who doesn't?) - discovers the secret of bringing the legendary statue of Golem to life. The creation is controlled telepathically by the curator and its powers seem limitless. Golem's capabilities are put to the test when it is sent to destroy London Bridge after which the authorities decide that they've had enough and nuke the thing. Bad luck for the curator who is atomised (who's going to look after mummy?) but not for Golem, who is set free from the mind control and walks into the sea.

Island Of Terror
Protelco / Planet Film Distributors
Terence Fisher

Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Eddie Byrne, Sam Kydd, Niall MacGinnis

A scientist hidden away on an Irish island happily beavers away creating tentacled silicates which liquefy and digest bone and tissue. The creatures are eliminated but the film ends with a visit to a Japanese satellite program where the scientist's work is being duplicated. A technician walks down a corridor, hears a strange noise and investigates before screaming.


AA / Merton Park
Alan Bridges

Valerie Gearon, Yoko Tani, Cali Raia, Edward Judd, Lyndon Brook, Tsai Chin, Barrie Ingham

A Lystrian criminal comes to Earth to seek refuge pursued by alien police. He manages to get run over and ends up in hospital which is then enclosed in a force field by the pursuers. The temperature starts to rise and the air is slowly consumed . . .
Agent For H.A.R.M.
(The Invisible Agent)
Dimension lV
Gerd Oswald

Mark Richman, Wendell Corey, Carl Esmond, Barbara Bouchet, Martin Kosleck
Rafael Campos

Another would-be, but over-the-top, Bond-type film with girls and gadgets, not the least of which is the ability to become invisible. A scientist working with spores found on a meteorite is kidnapped by the Russians and a super-agent is sent to rescue him. The spores are particularly nasty things which turn human flesh into a kind of fungus and it is this which eventually accounts for the poor scientist. The agent succeeds in thwarting Russian plans to infect American crops with the spores.

Aranas Infernales
(Hellish Spiders)

Filmica Vergara
Federico Curiel

Alejandro Cruz, Nathaniel Leon, Blanca Sanchez, Martha Elena Cervantes

Yep, another Mexican masked wrestler - they must have a farm somewhere to breed them. This time it is the blue-masked Blue Demon who comes up against spider-like alien invaders which can change their appearance temporarily to mimic humans. Almost obligatory in these is the big fight scene where Blue Demon battles an opponent called Frankenstein (Leon). Two foxy ladies provide the glamour, one being human and the other an alien spider-being.

The Destructors
United Pictures / Harold Goldman Associates
Francis D. Lyon

Richard Egan, Patricia Owens, Joan Blackman, John Ericson, Michael Ansara, David Brian

Another super-spy with more sexy gadgetry and girls. This one is trying to foil a group of spies attempting to have it away with the 'Cyclops' disintegrator ray. Worth watching for the Joan and Pat content if you're that way inclined.

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Murderer's Row
Meadway-Claude / Columbia
Henry Levin

Dean Martin, Ann-Margret, Beverly Adams, James Gregory, Karl Malden, Camilla Sparv
Tom Reese

The second film in the Bond look-alike Matt Helm series has him, his sexy assistant and another gorgeous girl trying to trace her kidnapped scientist father. A potential world ruler has plans to use the scientist's 'helio-ray' to destroy Washington D.C.
Also see Bond and Super-Spies
Castle Of Evil
National Telefilm Associates
Francis D. Lyon

Scott Brady, Virginia Mayo, Lisa Gaye, David Brian, Hugh Marlowe, William Thourlby

A group of people travel to a remote island to hear the reading of a dead scientist's will. One of the conditions is that should any of the group die, the others will split his / her share. Apparently the scientist was subjected to some disfigurement at some stage before his death and to extract revenge he has left a robot behind programmed to kill his tormentors. One of the group is killed, another changes the robot's programming to kill the rest and it all ends when the murdering mechanical man is gunned down with a laser pistol found in the laboratory.

One Spy Too Many
MGM / Arena
Joseph Sargent

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Rip Torn, Dorothy Provine
David Opatoshu, Yvonne Craig, David Sheiner

A criminal mastermind and megalomaniac styling himself on his namesake Alexander (the Great) makes plans to commit some of the world's biggest crimes in order to enlarge his industrial 'empire'. The signature theme of each crime is the breaking of one of the Ten Commandments. When he steals a top secret chemical from a U.S. military establishment Solo and Kuryakin are sent after him, to stop him achieving his ambitions of power, enlisting the help of his ex-wife Tracey in order to do so.
Also see U.N.C.L.E Films and TV

The Spy In The Green Hat
MGM / Arena
Joseph Sargent / Henry W. George

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Janet Leigh, Jack Palance, Ludwig Donath
Letitia Roman, Will Kuluva, Eduardo Cianelli, Allen Jenkins, Jack LaRue, Joan Blondell
Maxie Rosenbloom, Vince Barnett, Elisha Cook Jr.

In part, a satire on old-fashioned gangster movies. In hiding from THRUSH agents Napoleon Solo takes refuge under a young lady's bed and is discovered there by her grandmother. Unfortunately for Solo it is a Mafia family and they try to force him into marrying the girl. He escapes, but is hotly pursued by a motley collection of stereotype Italian gangsters.
Also see U.N.C.L.E Films and TV

Dr. Coppelius
Based on the ballet by Delibes and Nuitter
Childhood Productions
Ted Kneeland

Walter Slezak, Claudia Corday, Eileen Elliott, Caj Selling, Carmen Rojas

In this children's film Dr. Coppelius creates a beautiful dancing robot girl with which one of the village youths becomes enamoured. The youth is kidnapped by the doctor who tries to transplant the boy's spirit into the robot to bring it to life. The boy's human girlfriend disguises herself as the robot doll and frees him, leaving the doctor to contemplate his mechanical mistress. Deciding she was not all he had intended, he opts for the charms of a local busty barmaid instead.
The End Of August At The Hotel Ozone
(Konec Srpna V Hotelu Ozon)

Studio Barrandov
Jan Schmidt

Beta Ponicanova, Magda Seidlerova, Hana Vikotva, Natalie Maslovova, Jana Novakova
Ondrei Jariabek, Vanda Kalinova, Irina Lzicarova, Jitka Horejsi, Alena Lippertova

The film is set fifteen years after some atomic holocaust and focuses on a group of women survivors who have degenerated into savages. They survive by scavenging and killing, even to the point of murdering the aged proprietor of the deserted hotel in the title in order to steal his gramophone. A very 'arty' film in presentation with electronic music by Jan Klusak.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Circle Productions
William Beaudine

John Lupton, Cal Bolder, Narda Onyx, Steven Geray, Raymond Barnes, Jim Davis
Felipe Turich

A companion film to the equally unlikely-named 'Billy The Kid vs Dracula'. A descendant of the original Baron Frankenstein has settled in Mexico. The family blood runs strong in her veins as she soon starts experimenting on kidnapped children. Jesse James discovers this and tries to stop her but comes up against a robot-like being which the girl has created from a wounded friend of Jesse's.
Santo Versus The Martian Invasion
(Santo Contra La Invasion De Los Marcianos)

Producciones Cinematograficas
Alfredo B. Crevenna

Santo, Maura Monti, Eva Norvind, Wolf Ruvinskis, Belinda Corell, Gilda Miros, Benny Galan
Nathaniel Leon

Martians, led by a character called Argos, land on Earth and demand that nuclear testing be stopped. They press home their argument by disintegrating a few hombres using their 'Astral eye'. Having made themselves popular with the locals they make use of their special belts to become invisible. Some Earthlings are kidnapped for experimentation and Santo dives in to save them, blowing up the Martians and their space ship in the process. Positively crawling with wrestlers this film, what with the silver-masked 'Hulk', Frankenstein and even a couple of female Martian wrestling babes for the fellas.

Gigantes Planetarios
(Gigantes Interplanetarios)

Estudios America / Producciones Corsa
Alfred B. Crevenna

Guillermo Murray, Adriana Roel, Rogelio Guerra, Lorena Velasquez, Irma Lozano
Jose Angel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla', Jacqueline Fellay, Evita Munoz, Nathaniel Leon
Carlos Nieto,
Jose Calvez

A children's sci-fi picture in which the heroes are a young scientist and a professor's assistant who are in love. The professor for whom the assistant works has constructed a spaceship and it is this which takes the lovers Daniel and Silvia, together with a boxer and his manager (why?) to the planet of eternal night in the galaxy of Rumania. The alien inhabitants are underground dwellers who shun the planet's blinding surface light and who are ruled by a madman whose intention is to destroy the Earth with a 'death ray' of some sort. This and its follow-up film were released in 1966.
The Stolen Airship
(Ukradená Vzducholod) (Two Years Holiday)

Studio Barrandov
Karel Zeman

Cestmir Randa, Michal Pospisil, Hanus Bor, Jan Malat, Jitka Zelenohorska, Josef Hauvic
Josef Vetrovec

Set in the Paris exhibition of 1889, an airship constructed by Professor Findejs is stolen by five children and the film tells of their trip across Europe, ending with their landing on a remote island where they have some Jules Verne-type adventures.



Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women
(The Gill Women Of Venus)
AIP-TV / Filmgroup
Peter Bogdanovich and Pavel Klushantsev

Margot Hartman, Aldo Roman, Yuri Sarantsev, Georgi Tejkh, Gennadi Vernov

This is essentially the 1962 film 'Planet Of Storms' with new footage attached. Astronauts land on Venus and have the misfortune to annoy the native Gill Women by destroying the creature that they worship.

The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman
(She Was A Hippie Vampire)
ADP Productions / Medallion TV Enterprises
Jerry Warren

Katherine Victor, George Mitchell, Steve Brodie, Richard Banks, Steve Conte, Mel Oshins
Bruno VeSota, Bob Abrogast, Lucki Winn, Suzanne Lodge, Pam Garry, Sylvia Holiday
Francis Bryan, Leah London

A busty costumed heroine, Batwoman, and her bopping band of Batgirls try to get hold of an atom bomb made from a hearing aid by a mad scientist before it falls into the hands of super-villain Rat Fink.



Destination Inner Space
(Terror Of The Deep)
United Pictures / Harold Goldman Associates
Francis D. Lyon

Scott Brady, Sheree North, Gary Merrill, Wende Wagner, Mike Road, John Howard
William Thourlby, Biff Elliot, Glenn Snipes, Richard Niles, Roy Barcroft, Ed Charles Sweeny
Ken Delo, Ron Burke, James Hong

A large alien probe is detected by an experimental underwater laboratory. Scientists go aboard and return with a pod that hatches into an amphibious monster.

Paramount / Joel / Gibraltar
John Frankenheimer

Rock Hudson, John Randolph, Will Geer, Salome Jens, Jeff Corey, Richard Anderson

A secret organisation provides a service for the elderly rich who can afford it - death, followed by reincarnation in a younger body. They run into trouble when people start to wonder where the corpses needed are coming from.



Zontar - The Thing From Venus
Azalea Pictures
Larry Buchanan

John Agar, Tony Huston, Susan Bjurman, Pat Delaney, Warren Hammack, Colleen Carr
Neil Fletcher

A scientist enables an alien from Venus to come to Earth to help solve mankind's problems, but the alien has other ideas - little things like planetary domination . . .

The Projected Man
Ian Curteis

Mary Peach, Norman Wooland, Derek Farr, Tracey Crisp, Ronald Allen, Sam Kydd
Bryant Haliday

A scientist working on the transmission of matter decides to experiment on himself (didn't he see 'The Fly???) and turns into a monster.


Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs
Mario Bava

Vincent Price, Fabian, Forte Franco Franchi, Laura Antonelli

The evil doctor again, this time working with the Chinese communists, trying to stir up trouble between the Russians and the Americans. Wonder if you can guess how?

The Brides Of Fu Manchu
Hallam / Anglo-Amalgamated Productions
Don Sharp

Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Heinz Drache, Marie Versini, Kenneth Fortescue
Howard Marion-Crawford, Tsai Chin, Rupert Davies, Joseph Furst, Roger Hanin
Harald Leipnitz, Carole Gray, Bert Kwouk, Salmaan Peer, Eric Young

The second of five 'Fu Manchu films, loosely comes under the umbrella of sci-fi. The evil oriental master criminal and his underlings kidnap daughters of famous scientists and spirit them away to his headquarters on a remote island.

He uses them to blackmail their fathers into helping him to build a 'death ray' machine which he plans to use to control the world. His historical nemesis, Denis Nayland-Smith of Interpol / Scotland Yard, has to figure out a way of stopping him before it's too late.


Queen Of Blood
(Planet Of Blood)
AIP / Filmgroup
Curtis Harrington

John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Judi Meredith, Dennis Hopper, Florence Marly, Robert Boon

An alien ship contacts Earth notifying of a potential visit, but crash lands on Mars. Earth sends a rescue ship which discovers one surviving greenish female alien, Velena. After the death of a crewman they discover that the alien lives on blood and feed her on medical supplies.

During a fight after the death of a second crew member, the alien is accidentally killed. She is found to have left behind a lot of pulsating red eggs which, on their return, are happily carted away by scientists despite the protests of the crew.

Miss Death
(Miss Muerte) (The Diabolical Dr. Z)
Hesperia Films SA / Speva Films SA / Cinealliance
Jesus Franco

Mabel Karr, Fernando Montes, Estella Blain, Guy Mairesse, Marcelo Arroita-Jauregui
Ana Castor, Alberto Dalbes, Antonio Jimenez, Escribano Jose, Maria Prada, Lucia Prado
Howard Vernon

The weird Dr. Zimmer invents a machine which injects electric needles into people's brains making them subject to mind control. When he dies, his daughter takes over his experiments, turning nightclub dancer Miss Muerte into a killing machine which she uses to extract revenge on the scientists who ridiculed her father's ideas.


One Million Years B.C.
Owes a lot to 'One Million B.C.' (1940) which starred Victor Mature

Don Chaffey

John Richardson, Raquel Welch, Robert Brown, Percy Herbert, Martine Beswick

A prehistoric man is banished from his tribe, the rock people, for challenging the leadership. Through various trials and tribulations he arrives at the sea shore where he discovers the shell people and falls in love with one of the girls after saving them from a giant rubber dinosaur. Man and his mate head off into the sunset together. The real stars of the film are the chamois bikinis sported by Miss Welch and her pals. See Hammer Films

Attack Of The Robots
(Cartas Boca Arriba)
Cinealliance / Hesperia Films SA / Speva Films SA
Jesus Franco

Eddie Constantine, Francoise Brion, Fernando Rey, Sophie Hardy, Mara Kelly, Dina Loy
Aida Grace Powers, Alfredo Mayo, Marcelo Arroita, Vicente Roca, Ricardo Palacios
Ramon Centenero, Mara Lasso, Angel Menendez, Antonio Padilla, Aida Powers
Lorenzo Robledo

Comedy sci-fi in which the obligatory mad scientist uses his collection of mechanical creations to exert control over people who have type 'O' blood.


Fahrenheit 451
From the book by Ray Bradbury
Rank / Anglo Enterprise / Vineyard
Francois Truffaut

Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring, Bee Duffel, Jeremy Spenser

Chilling film about the people's resistance to a futuristic fascist 'big brother' government who want to destroy all books and reading matter. The story centres around a fireman whose job it is to burn the books.

Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die
Dino de Laurentiis
Henry Levin and Dino Maiuri

Michael Connors, Dorothy Provine, Raf Vallone, Terry-Thomas

A millionaire businessman has plans to sterilise all the world's males and re-stock the planet using his own mistresses whom he keeps in suspended animation.


The Frozen Dead
Goldstar / Seven Arts
Herbert J. Leder

Dana Andrews, Anna Palk, Philip Gilbert, Karel Stepanek, Kathleen Breck

In a top-secret British laboratory, a scientist attempts to bring the frozen bodies of dead Nazi leaders back to life.

The Bubble
(Fantastic Invasion Of Planet Earth)

Arch Obler
Arch Obler

Michael Cole, Deborah Walley, Johnny Desmond, Virginia Gregg, Chester Jones

Three people, who are visiting a town, find that they are trapped when it becomes surrounded by a bubble of invisible energy.


Birds Do It
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Andrew Marton

Soupy Sales, Tab Hunter, Arthur O'Connell, Edward Andrews, Doris Dowling, Beverly Adams
Louis Quinn

A comedy film, in which a janitor at an atomic power plant manages to become accidentally ionised, giving him the ability to fly. He puts this new power to good use, catching spies.

Women Of The Prehistoric Planet
Realart Pictures Corporation
Arthur C.Pierce

Wendell Corey, Keith Larsen, John Agar, Irene Tsu, Robert Ito, Merry Anders, Suzie Kaye
Paul Gilbert

A spaceship crashes on a strange planet full of prehistoric inhabitants. Well, one or two, anyway.


Way Way Out
TCF / Coldwater / Jerry Lewis
Gordon Douglas

Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens, Robert Morley, Dick Shawn, Anita Ekberg, Dennis Weaver
Brian Keith, Janet Leigh, Howard Morris

Zany comedy set in 1994 in which a weather man based on the moon has woman trouble.

2+5 Mission Hydra
(Star Pilot)

Golden Motion Pictures / Sarda Cine Service
Pietro Francisci

Fernando Angeli, Alfio Caltabiano, Roland Lesaffre, Gordon Mitchell, Mirella Pamphili

Alien creatures from the Hydra Constellation are forced to land on the island of Sardinia. They capture Earth people including a scientist and his daughter (complete with fishnet bodysuit) to help them repair their craft and kidnap them after getting their faulty engine fixed.


Thunderbirds Are Go!
(L'Odyssee Du Cosmos)
From Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation TV series 'Thunderbirds'
Century 21 Pictures
David Lane

International Rescue are called upon to provide security for the second Zero-X manned space exploration mission after the first one was sabotaged. It accomplishes its mission but encounters problems during its return - another job for the Tracy boys. Cliff Richard (Jr.) and The Shadows appear in puppet form.
Also see Gerry Anderson Productions

Cyborg 2087
(Man From Tomorrow)

United Pictures / Harold Goldman Associates
Franklin Adreon

Michael Rennie, Karen Steele, Wendell Corey, Warren Stevens, Eduard Franz, Jo Ann Pflug
Harry Carey Jr.

A cyborg is sent back from a future time which is ruled through a radio telepathy device and where free thought is illegal. Back in the past, our present, he tries to persuade the inventor of the device to abandon his experiments. Two similar beings are sent back by the future government to try and stop him. Sort of an early 'Terminator'.


Fantastic Voyage
Richard Fleischer

Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Donald Pleasence, Edmond O'Brien, Arthur Kennedy
Arthur O'Connell

A special submarine, 'The Blood Vessel', is miniaturised and injected into the bloodstream of a famous scientist to try and clear an inoperable blood clot in his brain. They have a limited time to do this before the craft returns to its normal size and there is a traitor in their midst! Miss Welch's best assets are unaffected by the experience I'm glad to say.

Dimension 5
(Dimension Four)
United Pictures Corporation
Franklin Adreon

Jeffrey Hunter, France Nuyen, Harold Sakata, Donald Woods

A 'Eurospy' Bond-style film featuring agents who use time travel devices on their belts to move three weeks into the future. They plan to intercept a shipment of materials in order to foil a sinister Chinese plot to build an H-bomb with which to destroy Los Angeles.
You Tube trailer

The Sting Of Death
Essen Productions
William Grefe

Joe Morrison, Valerie Hawkins, John Castle, Blanche Devereaux, Lois Etelman, Tony Gulliver
Doug Hobart, Sandy Lee Kane, Judy Lee, Deanna Lund, Jack Nagle, Barbara Paridon
Ron Pinchbeck, Neil Sedaka, Robert Stanton, John Vella

Boy meets girl, girl is loved by another boy who is ugly. Girl doesn’t love ugly boy so he becomes a huge killer Jellyfish. Includes two songs by pop icon Neil Sedaka.

TCF / Greenlawn / National Periodical Publications
Leslie H.Martinson

Adam West, Burt Ward, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Lee Meriwether, Burgess Meredith
Alan Napier

Puns fly in all directions as The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin and Catwoman team up to try and finally outwit the dynamic duo. Their plan is to hold the world to ransom after dehydrating the members of the United Nations. See Batman pages


In The Year 2889
From a short story of the same title by Jules Verne
Azalea Pictures
Larry Buchanan

Paul Petersen, Quinn O'Hara, Charla Doherty, Neil Fletcher, Hugh Feagin, Max W. Anderson
Bill Thurman, Byron Lord

Atomic war survivors are hunted by telepathic mutant humans with cannibalistic tendencies.


Curse Of The Swamp Creature
Azalea Pictures
Larry Buchanan

John Agar, Francine York, Jeff Alexander, Shirley McLine, Cal Duggan, Charles McLine
Bill McGee, Ted Mitchell, Roger Ready, Bill Thurman, Tony Huston, Gayle Johnson
Michael Tolden, Annabelle Weenick, Patrick Cranshaw

Da daa daa daa, deep in the heart of Texas - well in the swamps actually, a mad scientist is carrying out experiments on local inhabitants to discover the secrets of their evolution. When a group of men surveying for oil come across his secret laboratory he decides to try the experiment in reverse and devolves one of them into a primeval swamp creature.   You Tube


Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
British Lion / Regal / Aaru
Gordon Flemyng

Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks, Roberta Tovey, Jill Curzon, Andrew Keir

The second Dr. Who film, less camp than the first and with more of the series 'feel'. The Tardis arrives back in London in the year 2150 to find that the Daleks have landed and enslaved the population. The Doctor and his companions have to come up with a plan to stop the Daleks from exploding a bomb deep underground which would destroy the world.
Also see Dr Who pages

Mars Needs Women
Azalea Pictures
Larry Buchanan

Tommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig, Warren Hammack, Tony Huston, Larry Tanner, Cal Duggan
Pat Delaney

Earth could do with a few more too, if they're all anything like Yvonne. The Martians have an evil plot to nick all the good-looking ones we have to try and increase the failing Martian birthrate. You Tube
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