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Spaceflight IC-1
Lippert Films Ltd.
Bernard Knowles

Bill Williams, Kathleen Breck, John Cairney, Donald Churchill, Tony Doonan, Margo Mayne

Fightin' and feudin' among the pioneer passengers aboard an interstellar colonisation ship, in the odd few moments when they are not talking.


Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine
Norman Taurog

Vincent Price, Fred Clark, Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Susan Hart, Jack Mullaney

The evil doctor invents and manufactures life-like girl robots who are programmed to make themselves desirable to wealthy men.

It Happened Here
United Artists / Kevin Brownlow / Andrew Mollo
Kevin Brownlow / Andrew Mollo

Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw, Nicolette Bernard, Bart Allison, Stella Kemball
Fiona Leland

Not so much sci-fi as 'alternate reality'. What might have happened if the Germans had occupied England in 1940. It took seven years to film and is particularly notable for its close attention to detail. You Tube trailer


The Bedford Incident
Columbia / Bedford Productions
James B.Harris

Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier, James MacArthur, Eric Portman, Donald Sutherland
Martin Balsam

The captain of an American destroyer that is pursuing a Russian submarine through Arctic waters accidentally fires an atomic weapon.
Yeah, sure, he thought the button was a cigar lighter . . .

City Under The Sea
(City In The Sea) (War Gods Of The Deep)
Bruton / AIP
Jacques Tourneur

David Tomlinson, Vincent Price, Tab Hunter, Susan Hart, Henry Oscar, John LeMesurier

The leader of a band of Victorian smugglers who have acquired immortality from the atmosphere of the underground city, Lyonesse, in which they took refuge many years previously, kidnaps an American heiress who resembles his dead wife. Our heroes track her down, fighting off the smugglers and the strange original inhabitants, the amphibious gill-men, to effect her rescue just in time before the city is destroyed by an underwater volcano.

Fantomas Strikes Back
(Fantomas Se Dechaine)

SNEG / PAC / Victory
Andre Hunebelle

Jean Marais, Louis de Funes, Mylene Demongeot, Jacques Dynam, Robert Dalban
Albert Dagnat

Fantomas is another character involved in a 'series' of films. He is a super-criminal who, this time round, kidnaps a group of scientists and forces them to develop a ray for controlling minds in his secret volcano-based laboratory. He is eventually cornered but makes his escape in a flying car. This, the second film, is the only one of the Fantomas trilogy which has notable sci-fi content. The other two films are 'Fantomas' (1964) and 'Fantomas Against Scotland Yard' (1966).

The Curse Of The Fly
Lippert Films Ltd. / Shepperton Studios
Don Sharp

Carole Gray, Brian Donlevy, Yvette Rees, George Baker, Jeremy Wilkins, Bert Kwouk

A descendant of the scientist in the original Fly movie tries to perfect the teleport machine. The wife of one of his sons, freshly escaped from a lunatic asylum, discovers the human results of the failed experiments. Police looking for her nearly discover the secret laboratory and the family decide to try and escape using the teleport machine. Whoops!

To Trap A Spy
MGM / Arena
Don Medford

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Luciana Paluzzi, Patricia Crowley
Fritz Weaver, William Marshall, Will Kuluva, Victoria Shaw

U.N.C.L.E. learns that industrialist and enemy agent Andrew Vulcan is planning to assassinate Premier Ashumen, a visiting African leader, during a tour of one of Vulcan's factories. Solo persuades Elaine May Donaldson, one of Vulcan's old girlfriends, to infiltrate the company via Vulcan's affections and help to thwart the plot. Also see U.N.C.L.E. films and T.V.

Agent 505
(Agent 505 - Todesfalle Beirut)

Rapid Film / Metheus Films / Compagnie Lyonnaise De Cinema
Manfred R. Koehler

Frederic Stafford, Chris Howland, Harald Leipnitz, Genevieve Cluny, Gisella Arden
Pierre Richard

A James Bond - type super-spy thriller in which an evil villain plans to destroy Beirut but is thwarted by secret agents played by Stafford and Howland. The musical score is by Ennio Morricone.

El Rayo Desintegrador
(Aventuras De Quique y Arturo El Robot)

Petruka Films
Pascual Cervera

Peter Solis, Maria Jesus Balenciaga, Joaquin Nieto, Sergio Mendizabal, Jose Luis Coll
Maria Hevia

A group of criminals steal a secret disintegrator ray and are tracked down and dealt with by a ten year-old boy and a rusty robot called Arturo.
The Heat Of A Thousand Suns
(La brûlure de mille soleils)
Animation: Pierre Kast     Editor: Chris Marker    
Illustration and designs by Eduard Luis

An animated French film set in the far future where a young man, bored by his surroundings, blasts off into space with only his cat and some robots for company. On a distant planet he discovers a serene, tranquil culture and falls in love with a girl. The story follows his problems adjusting to their sociological standards and customs where family units are comprised of sexual groups of eight people.

Willy McBean and His Magic Machine
Videocraft Intnl / Dentsu Motion Picture Company / Magna Pictures
Arthur Rankin Jr.

Voices: Larry Mann, Billie Richards, Alfie Scopp, Paul Kligman, Bernard Cowan, Paul Soles

Animated feature using 'AniMagic' in which Professor Rasputin von Rotten invents a time machine and intends using it to claim the credit for history's greatest events. His pet monkey reveals the plot to Willy McBean and the pair of them embark on an adventure to foil the evil Professor's plans.

El Planeta De Las Mujeres Invasoras
(The Planet Of Female Invaders)
Estudios America / Producciones Corsa
Alfred B. Crevenna

Guillermo Murray, Adriana Roel, Rogelio Guerra, Elizabeth Campbell
Jose Angel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla', Lorena Velazquez, Maura Monti

This was made as a follow-up to 'Gigantes Planetarios' with the same four leading characters, despite the fact that two of them were left behind in its predecessor. They find themselves on the planet Sibila which is controlled by the twins Alburnia and Adastrea who are, respectively, good and evil. The twins plan to conquer Earth but the Sibilans cannot live in Earth's atmosphere so they need to carry out experiments on human lungs in order to find a way to 'convert' their invasion forces. The young couple thwart the twins' attempts to kidnap young children for experimentation and end up killing both of them off before returning to Earth.


The Faceless Monster
(Gli Amanti d'Oltretomba) (Nightmare Castle)

Produzione Cinematografica Emmeci
Allan Grunewald /
Mario Caiano

Barbara Steele, Paul Miller, Helga Line, Lawrence Clift, John McDouglas, Rik Battaglia

A film which was cut to bits (from 105 mins to 73 mins) by the distributors to remove the more gory bits. It opens with a pair of lovers being disfigured - one with acid and the other with a red-hot iron. The story features a Victorian scientist involved in experiments with the electrical regeneration of blood. To finance his research he kills his wife in the hope of gaining from her will but finds that her sister inherits all her wealth and property. On trying the same trick on her he finds an opponent more capable than he had bargained for and who is out to get revenge for her sister's death.

The Face Of Fu Manchu
Don Sharp

Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, Nigel Green, Howard Marion-Crawford, James Robertson Justice
Walter Rilla, Karin Dor

'The world has not heard the last of Fu Manchu' - apparently not, as he pops up again here with more wicked schemes for achieving world domination. This time he is collecting rare poisonous flowers from Tibet to produce a lethal gas which he tests on an English village.
The Green Planet
Art: Piotr Kamler    Story: Jacques Sternberg

A science fiction short in which the visuals are apparently achieved by sprinkling fine sand onto a green-coloured background. The accompanying commentary describes the activities of the star-shaped inhabitants of Actur. Their chief industry is the manufacture of time - time to fill, time to gain, time to lose, and although tone deaf, they love music. It becomes increasingly obvious that the absurd creatures being described aren't Acturans at all, but a race slightly closer to home.

Hercules Against The Moon Men
(Maciste E La Regina Di Samar)

Nike Cinematografica / Comptoir Franc
ais Du Film
Giacomo Gentilomo

Sergio Ciani, Jany Clair, Anna-Maria Polani, Nando Tamberlani, Jean-Pierre Honore
Delia D'Alberti

The hero Maciste is engaged by the people of Samar to help rid them of their evil queen and her army of rock-like moon men who enforce her wishes.
Our Man Flint
20th Century Fox
Daniel Mann

James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Gila Golan, Edward Mulhare, Benson Fong, Shelby Grant
Rhys Williams, Russ Conway

The first of two James Bond spoofs starring James Coburn sees super secret agent Flint spoiling the world domination plans of three evil scientists and their weather control program. More girls than Bond, more fancy gadgets, but somehow lacking in depth.

The Lost Face
(Ztracena Tvar)

Pavel Hobl

Vlastimil Brodsky, Fred Demare, Jana Brezkova, Frantisek Filipovsky, Marie Vasova
Martin Rurek, Nina Popelikova, Jiri Vala, Zdenka Prochazkova

A face-changing medical science-fiction story in which a doctor, who can't achieve recognition or money for his talents, gains employment with the gangster element involving changing the faces of both victims and criminals as well as his own.

The Hyperboloid Of Engineer Garin
(Giperboloid Inzhenera Garina) (Engineer Garin's Death Ray)

Based on a novel by Alexei Tolstoy

Alexander Gintsburg

Yevgeny Yevstigneev, Vsevolod Safonov, Mikhail Astangov, Natalya Klimova

In this sci-fi film set in the mid-20s, a psycho science student steals the blueprints for a deathray and prepares to use it for evil. Yet another mad scientist who wants to destroy the world with a 'death ray'.
Pinocchio In Outer Space
Swallow / Belvision
Ray Goosens

Voices: Arnold Stang, Conrad Jameson, Minerva Pious

An animated feature in which the wooden puppet heads into space with his pal Nurtle the turtle. They land on Mars and come up against Astro, the flying Martian whale, who fancies his chances of conquering Earth but Pinnochio and Nurtle manage to ground him and his plans.

Mutiny In Outer Space
Hugo Grimaldi Film Productions
Hugo Grimaldi

William Leslie, Dolores Faith, Richard Garland, James Dobson, Pamela Curran
Francine York

Returning from the moon, a group of astronauts are affrected by an exotic fungus that produces LSD-like effects until it is offed by some unlikely-sounding artificial sub-zero particles.

Who Killed Jessie?
(Kdo Chce Zabit Jessii?) (Who Wants To Kill Jessie?)

Czechoslovensky Film
Vaclav Vorlicek

Jiri Sovak, Dana Medricka, Olga Shoberova (Olinka Berova), Karel Effa, Juraj Visny

A comedy sci-fi in which a woman scientist invents a dream manipulation machine. This allows her to view people's dreams on a screen and change the imagery so that nightmares become peaceful dreams. She decides to try it out on her husband and finds that he is having dreams about a gorgeous comic-strip character called Jessie and two villainous characters who are out to get her. The machine malfunctions and somehow brings the dream characters to life right in the couple's bedroom.
Spy In Your Eye
(Berlino Appuntamento Per La Spie)

Italian International Film / Publi Italia
Vittorio Sala

Brett Halsey, Paula Krauss, Dana Andrews, Gastone Moschin, Tania Beryl
Alessandro Sperli, Mario Valdemarin, Tino Bianchi, Renato Baldini

An American spy has a miniature TV camera implanted in his eye while undergoing an operation to cure his blindness. With knowledge gained from this the Russians kidnap the daughter of a dead scientist who they believe knows the secret formula that he was working on. The camera is eventually discovered and is used to send false information back to the Russians. Oh - in case you were wondering, the girl was rescued and the secret formula was found tattooed on her scalp under her hair.

The Spy With My Face
MGM / Arena
John Newland

Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Senta Berger, Michael Evans
Sharon Farrell

Napoleon Solo is captured by THRUSH who replace him with a perfect double in a bid to infiltrate the U.N.C.L.E. organisation. Illya Kuryakin becomes suspicious at his partner's unusual behaviour and starts to put two and two together. In the meantime, Solo must escape and try to stop his double before he succeeds in his plan. Also see U.N.C.L.E. films

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The Silencers
Based on the books by Donald Hamilton

Meadway-Claude / Columbia
Phil Karlson

Dean Martin, Beverly Adams, Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi, Cyd Charisse, Victor Buono
James Gregory, Robert Webber

The first of four 'Matt Helm' James Bond spoofs starring Dean Martin as the playboy secret agent. In this first adventure Helm and his gorgeous girls foil a plot to reprogram an atomic missile and cause it to land in the New Mexico testing ground.

The Night Caller
(Blood Beast From Outer Space) (Night Caller From Outer Space)
Armitage Film Prodns Ltd., Harris Associates, New Art Productions
John Gilling

John Saxon, Maurice Denham, Patricia Haines, Alfred Burke, John Carson, Jack Watson
Warren Mitchell

An alien, Mr. Medra, abducts Earth girls who answer his adverts in 'Bikini Girl' magazine and transports them to Jupiter's Ganymede moon for the purpose of experimental genetics. Why do they always pick on us?


Chaumiane / Filmstudio
Jean-Luc Godard

Eddie Constantine, Anna Karina, Akim Tamiroff, Howard Vernon, Laszlo Szabo

A secret agent travels across the galaxy to try and discover what happened to his predecessor. He finds himself on a planet that is being ruled by ALPHA 60, a '1984 Big Brother' computer. He eventually destroys it by reading it poetry. Also see Alphaville

Based on the novel by Ian Fleming
Kevin McClory / United Artists
Terence Young

Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Luciana Paluzzi, Martine Beswick, Lois Maxwell
Bernard Lee, Adolfo Celi, Rik Van Nutter, Guy Doleman, Molly Peters, Desmond Llewelyn
Roland Culver, Earl Cameron, Paul Stassino, Rose Alba, Philip Locke, George Pravda
Michael Brennan, Leonard Sachs, Edward Underdown, Reginald Beckwith

James Bond in the Bahamas investigating the disappearance of a U.S. plane with two atomic bombs on board. He comes across the involvement of SPECTRE, this time in the form of Emilio Largo and his beautiful but unsuspecting ward, Domino (Claudine Auger). Fantastic underwater battle scenes and Largo finally gets his when the Disco Volante super-boat explodes on the rocks.
Also See Bond Films

The Human Duplicators
(Jaws Of The Alien) (Space Agent K1) (Les Creatures De Kolos)
Woolner / Independenti Regionali
Hugo Grimaldi

George Nader, Dolores Faith, Richard Kiel, George Macready, Hugh Beaumont
Barbara Nichols, John Indrisano, Margot Teele, Alean 'Bambi' Hamilton, Ted Durant
Richard Arlen, Larry Barton, John Dasten, Andrew Johnson, Tommy Leonetti, Lori Lyons
Walter Maslow, Benito Prezie, Mel Ruick, Kim Satana, Lonnie Sattin, Richard Schuyler
William White

Richard Kiel can't seem to keep away from anything to do with 'Jaws'. An alien agent is sent here from a galaxy far, far away with the objective of conquering the planet by duplicating humans in a pottery-like material which, fortunately for us, can be shattered like crockery. He comes across a beautiful blind girl who worms her way into his affections and distracts him from his purpose enough for the forces of Earth to ultimately defeat him and his animated wedgewood army.

Sergeant Deadhead
Norman Taurog

Eve Arden, John Ashley, Frankie Avalon, Jerry Brutsche, Pat Buttram, Patti Chandler
Fred Clark, Jo Collins, Sallie Dornan, Edward Faulkner, Reginald Gardiner, Gale Gordon
Sue Hamilton, Bob Harvey, Luree Holmes, Mary Hughes, Buster Keaton, Harvey Lembeck
Donna Loren, Andy Macchia, John Romano, Cesar Romero, Salli Sachse, Bobbi Shaw
Romo Vincent, Deborah Walley, Tod Windsor

A bumbling sergeant in the U.S.Army takes a trip into space with a chimp where he undergoes a strange change of personality.


Lightning Bolt
(Operazione Goldman)
BGA / Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas / Seven Film
Antonio Margheriti

Anthony Eisley, Wandisa Guida, Folco Lulli, Jose-Maria Caffarel, Diana Lorys
Renato Montalbano, Oreste Palella, Luisa Rivelli, Francisco Sanz

A madman plans to sabotage a NASA lunar project and U.S. government agent Harry Sennet is sent undercover to thwart his intentions. Just about qualifies as sci-fi.

Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster
(Duel Of The Space Monsters)

Vernon-Seneca Films

Robert Gaffney

Marilyn Harold, Lou Cutell, Robert Reilly, James Karen, Nancy Marshall, David Kernan
Susan Stephens, Bruce Glover as The Monster

An atomic war on Mars destroys nearly all the women (seems a bit selective) so the Martian men, led by Princess Marcuzan, feel the need to steal ours. On their way to Earth, they damage a space capsule and its android pilot who returns to go on the rampage. In the meantime, during the ensuing confusion, the Martians decide that beach parties are a good hunting ground for breeding stock. Can't argue with that . . .

Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet
Roger Corman Productions / AIP-TV / Filmgroup
Curtis Harrington and Pavel Klushantsev

Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, Vladimir Yemelyanov, Georgi Zhzhyonov, Georgi Tejkh

The year is 2020. Marcia watches from a ship in orbit around Venus as the crew and robot on the surface get attacked by prehistoric monsters. A volcanic eruption chews up the planet allowing them to escape. They somehow come to the conclusion that the monsters were really Venusians who became mutants after they destroyed their planet with atomic warfare. Still with me…..? I would have thought that Faith would have had enough of mutants after 'This Island Earth'. It's a lousy job, but someone has to do it.

The Navy vs The Night Monsters
Standard Club of California Productions / Realart Pictures Corporation
Michael A. Hoey

Anthony Eisley, Mamie Van Doren, Phillip Terry, Walter Sande, Bobby Van, Billy Gray
Kay Elhardt, Pamela Mason, Russ Bender, Taggart Casey, Biff Elliot, David Brandon
Edward Faulkner, William Meigs, Garrett Myles, Paul Rhone, Mike Sargent
Del 'Sonny' West

An Antarctic expedition discovers some strange new trees and takes them back to a South Seas navy base where they turn out to be nocturnal acid-secreting alien creatures.


The War Game
Written, Directed and Produced by Peter Watkins

Narration by Peter Graham with Michael Aspel reading quotations

An unusual nuclear war 'scare' film made for TV by the BBC in the form of a documentary showing the effects of a nuclear strike on a town in Kent was considered too horrifying for television. It was allowed to be shown at The National Film Theatre in February 1966 and was subsequently only released to selected cinemas as it was thought the viewing population might take it too seriously, like the 'War Of The Worlds' radio programme. Gruesome.

Wild Wild Planet
(The Galaxy Criminals)
(I Criminali Della Galassia)
Antonio Margheriti

Tony Russell, Lisa Gastoni, Massimo Serato, Franco Nero, Vittorio Bonos
Margherita Holowitz

A mad scientist is secretly using his employer's top-secret bio-laboratory to carry out weird eugenics experiments. When he starts kidnapping well-known citizens for use in his strange testing, rogue space cop Mike Halstead is called in to rescue them all, including his girlfriend Connie, who has also been abducted by the madman. The film is the first of four 'Gamma One' science fiction films originally contracted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for TV but were released in cinemas instead.


War Of The Planets
(The Deadly Diaphanoids)
(I Diafanoidi Vengono da Marte)
(Polizia Dello Spazio Contro Ufo)

Mercury Film International / MGM
Antonio Margheriti

Lisa Gastoni (Jane Fate), Tony Russell, Massimo Serato, Franco Nero, Michel Lemoine
Carlo Giustini

The film is the second of four 'Gamma One' science fiction films originally contracted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for TV but were released in cinemas instead. It is the 21st century. Aliens made of a form of light invade the solar system and base themselves on Mars. From there, they attack Earth spacestations, destroying the minds of the crews. Who you gonna call?
Planet On The Prowl
(Mission Wandering Planet) (War Between The Planets)
(Il Pianeta Errante)

Mercury Film International / MGM
Antonio Margheriti
(Anthony M. Dawson)

Jack Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart), Amber Collins (Ombretta Colli), Enzo Fiermonte
Halina Zalewska, Peter Martel, Freddy Unger, Franco Ressell

The film is the third of four 'Gamma One' science fiction films originally contracted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for TV but were released in cinemas instead.
Scientists and astronauts try to prevent a collision between Earth and a planet that is heading for it. You Tube trailer


Planet Of The Vampires
(The Haunted Planet) (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Castilla Cooperativa Cinematogr
afica / Italian International Film
Mario Brava

Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell, Angel Aranda, Evi Maranda, Stelio Candelli

The spaceships Argos and Galliot are sent to investigate the planet Aura where the crews suddenly start killing each other off for no apparent reason. Incorporeal aliens, whose sun has died, take over the dead bodies and use them to search for a new home.
Earth looks nice…
Snow Devils
(La Morte Viene dal Pianeta Aytin) (The Devil Men From Space)

Mercury Film International / MGM
Antonio Margheriti (Anthony M. Dawson)

Jack Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart), Amber Collins (Ombretta Colli), Enzo Fiermonte
Halina Zalewska, Freddy Unger, Renato Baldini, Franco Nero

The film is the last of four 'Gamma One' science fiction films originally contracted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for TV but were released in cinemas instead. A weather station in the Himalayas is destroyed and Gamma I commander Rod Jackson and his partner, Frank Pulasky are sent to investigate. They are captured by a race of hairy blue-bodied giants who plan to create a vast ice plain so their race can leave their doomed solar system and conquer the Earth.


Sins Of The Fleshapoids
Film Canada
Mike Kuchar

Bob Cowan, Donna Kerness, George Kuchar, Julius Middleman, Maren Thomas
Gina Zuckerman

The storyline to this one has escaped me so far.
According to the comment in the IMDb the main point of the movie is to show large-chested ladies fondling jewels like Christmas tree ornaments while a space jockey hangs around a rather dilapidated-looking palace.
There are, apparently, lots of wafting breezes and some sort of climactic 'birth' scene.
Hmmmm . . .

Die, Monster, Die!
(Monster Of Terror)
From H.P.Lovecraft's 'Colour Out Of Space'
AIP / Alta Vista Film Productions
Daniel Haller

Boris Karloff, Suzan Farmer, Nick Adams, Freda Jackson, Patrick Magee, Paul Farrell

An eccentric recluse discovers a meteorite, the radiation from which gives him strange powers.


The Tenth Victim
Avco / CC Champion / Concordia
Elio Petri

Ursula Andress, Marcello Mastroianni, Elsa Martinelli, Massimo Serato

The 21st century 'Big Hunt Ministry', in order to find an outlet for mankind's more violent tendencies, trains groups of 'hunters' and 'victims' to fight each other in legal duels to the death. Ten 'kills' wins a fabulous prize.

Crack In The World
Paramount / Security
Andrew Marton

Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Alexander Knox, Peter Damon, Gary Lasdun

A missile fired at the Earth's core (are they mad?) sets off a string of increasingly violent earthquakes. The 'cure' is effected by exploding a nuclear bomb inside a volcano which ultimately blows a chunk of Earth into orbit to create a new moon.


The Satan Bug
From the novel by Alistair MacLean
United Artists / Mirisch / Kappa
John Sturges

George Maharis, Richard Basehart, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, Edward Asner

At a top secret biological research station in the desert, a scientist turns traitor and steals a lethal virus to be used by a mad millionaire.

Village Of The Giants
Based on the H.G.Wells story 'Food Of The Gods'
Berkeley Productions / Embassy Pictures Corporation / Joseph E.Levine
Bert I. Gordon

Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, Joy Harmon, Bob Random
Vicki London, Freddy Cannon, Toni Basil

A teenage 'genius' invents GOOP by accident - a substance which promotes rapid growth in living things when eaten. Some delinquents steal the substance and eat it for a 'dare', causing them to become 30ft tall and able to take over the town.


The Wizard Of Mars
(Journey Into The Unknown) (Alien Massacre) (Horrors Of The Red Planet)
American General Pictures / Karston-Hewitt Organisation
David L. Hewitt

John Carradine, Roger Gentry, Vic McGee, Jerry Rannow, Eve Bernhardt

Yep, it sounds like it and it is! Four astronauts crash-land on Mars. Steve, Charlie, Doc and…you guessed it…Dorothy. They discover a golden road which leads to the ruins of a Martian City where the 'Wizard' (the collective mind of the last Martians) refuses to allow the four of them to leave until they sort out a little problem for 'him'… Slightly less memorable than the original.

Monster A-Go-Go
(Terror At Halfday)
Bill Rebane

Phil Morton, June Travis, George Perry, Lois Brooks, Rork Stevens, Peter Thompson
Robert Simons, Barry Hopkins, Stu Taylor, Lorri Perry, Del Clark, Art Scott
Leonard Gelstein, Aviva Crane, Dean Tompis

A returning astronaut crash-lands in a field and, mutilated by radiation, starts to rampage through the neighbourhood. As he is cornered, he disappears and the 'real' astronaut is discovered half a planet away in the Pacific Ocean none the worse for wear.


Based on the book by Henry Rider Haggard
ABP / Hammer
Robert Day

Peter Cushing, Ursula Andress, Christopher Lee, John Richardson, Rosenda Monteros
Bernard Cribbins

An explorer tracks down a forgotten race in the African mountains ruled over by Ayesha, a centuries old queen who has attained immortality through bathing in the flames of meteorites which periodically strike in exactly the same place. She believes him to be the reincarnation of an ancient lover and tries to persuade him to use the flame.

The Eye Creatures
(Attack Of The Eye Creatures)
Azalea Pictures
Larry Buchanan

John Ashley, Cynthia Hull, Warren Hammack, Chet Davis, Bill Peck, Ethan Allen, Bob Brown

Alien creatures that look like giant eyes try to take over the world but are thwarted by the ideas of some teenagers. You Tube


Dr. Who And The Daleks
British Lion / Regal / Aaru
Gordon Flemyng

Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden, Roberta Tovey, Barrie Ingham, Geoffrey Toone

The Doctor and his friends land on the radiation-affected planet Skaro and help the hippie-like, peaceful blue-skinned Thals to stop their robotic, warlike slavemasters, the Daleks, from wiping them out.
Space Probe Taurus
(Space Monster)
American International Pictures (AIP)
Leonard Katzman

Francine York, James Brown, Baynes Barron, Russ Bender, John Willis, Bob Legionaire
James Macklin, Phyllis Selznick, John Lomma, Jimmy Bracon

The space probe, Hope One, has a mission to seek an earth-like planet. On its journey the crew of four encounter an alien craft that initially appears to be deserted until a lone, big-brained alien appears and attacks. They survive, but a swarm of meteorites then sends them millions of miles off course into a sea of monsters on an uncharted world.
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