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Science Fiction Films of the Sixties
Science Fiction Films of the Sixties

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Science Fiction Films of the Sixties There is, if it exists at all, a fine dividing line between science fiction and the genres of horror and fantasy, and I may just have squeezed in a few of the latter because I like them! This may not be completely definitive, but I think it is pretty good - and you get a few pictures as well. I hope I have included some of your personal favourites - mine are certainly all here, from the superb to the cult / classic, and more than a few absolute dogs! There should be something, somewhere, to jog your memory a bit.

There are thousands - so this selection of films is purely arbitrary - please let me know if there are any which you think, for whatever reason, should be included (or not?) or films that I have just plain forgotten. Also, you may be able to help with some of the missing storylines? I'm sure there will probably be some disagreement about the years but most of them agree with IMDb and/or Halliwell's although not with, I am surprised to say, quite a few sci-fi reference books, so they are a consensus.

There are nearly 400 films listed . . . all with images and some with video links.

There are also links to related or specialised Sixties City pages. Obviously, there are many more obscure foreign productions and shorts and I thought about including more but couldn't really see the point.

Do check with the excellent Internet Movie Database (IMDb) if you're really that desperate . . .
Science Fiction Films of the Sixties

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